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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year was Kreton expecting to land?
(a) 1761.
(b) 1661.
(c) 1961.
(d) 1861.

2. What does Ellen notice Roger has in the television appearance?
(a) New shoes.
(b) A new hair piece.
(c) A new tie,
(d) A new suit.

3. What does Powers complain was dropped into his lap?
(a) The Laundry Project.
(b) The Strat-Air Project.
(c) The UFO deal.
(d) Com Air Int.

4. What causes Reba to be suspicious of Ellen and Conrad's activities?
(a) Ellen's skirt isn't straight.
(b) Ellen is undressed.
(c) The two are sweating.
(d) Conrad's shirt is off.

5. What does Ellen tell the family she and Conrad are doing in Richmond?
(a) Going to a hotel.
(b) Going swimming.
(c) Going out to eat.
(d) Going to the movies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Conrad ask Ellen to do after discussing his dreams about them on a farm?

2. Why is Roger worried about the evening's broadcast?

3. What three rooms make up the stage at the beginning of Act 1?

4. What Act will Roger be indicted under if he leaks the story of aliens to America?

5. What does Roger believe Kreton belongs to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Ellen unable to lift the case with her mind the first time she tries?

2. How does raising the rifles in the world help to start a war?

3. Aside from the politics of war, what does Powers complain will suffer as a result of this war?

4. What plans do Ellen and Conrad have, and what are they planning to tell the others at dinner?

5. Is Kreton well-organized? Why?

6. Why does the aide think of when his thoughts are broadcast? What is the result?

7. In the end of the play, who is (are) the only character(s) who end(s) up being selfless?

8. Describe Kreton's appearance.

9. Why does the fight excite Kreton?

10. Kreton notes that war is the specialty of humans. Is this true?

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