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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Conrad claim he was up all night?
(a) Roger tosses and turns.
(b) Roger grinds his teeth.
(c) Roger talks in his sleep.
(d) Roger snores.

2. What finally causes Conrad to fight?
(a) The aide thinking of sex with Ellen.
(b) The aide thinking of sex with Conrad.
(c) The aide thinking of sex with Powers.
(d) The aide thinking of sex with Reba.

3. Who does Kreton try to recruit to mate with Ellen?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Rosemary.
(c) Conrad.
(d) Powers.

4. Who is the aide thinking about when Kreton broadcasts his thoughts?
(a) Reba.
(b) Conrad.
(c) Ellen.
(d) Kreton.

5. What does Powers tell Kreton to do about taking over the world?
(a) Do it quickly.
(b) Put it out of his mind.
(c) Do it slowly.
(d) Do it secretly.

6. Who does Kreton trust with his secret of taking over the world?
(a) Ellen and Roger.
(b) Ellen and Powers.
(c) Ellen and Conrad.
(d) Ellen and Reba.

7. What is Rosemary?
(a) A mouse.
(b) A dog.
(c) A cat.
(d) A child.

8. What does Kreton believe Conrad and Ellen were planning to do the night before?
(a) Drink alcohol.
(b) Devote the night to wild abandon.
(c) Attend a party.
(d) Attend a film festival.

9. What does Ellen want Kreton to teach her after the first mind trick?
(a) How to read minds.
(b) How to fly.
(c) How to teleport.
(d) How to see through walls.

10. What is Kreton's response to such concerns?
(a) He plans to take over slowly.
(b) He plans to take over secretly.
(c) He decides to take over using Ellen.
(d) He decides not to take over.

11. Who is the author of the book Conrad chooses for Ellen?
(a) Gore Vidal
(b) Ellen Conrad.
(c) Roger.
(d) Vidal Conrad.

12. What does Ellen do with the book in Act II?
(a) She throws it away.
(b) She memorizes the first page.
(c) She tears it in half.
(d) She draws in it.

13. What does Kreton assume the couple was going to do with the telephone books?
(a) Rip them for fire.
(b) Use them to come up with false names.
(c) Look up telephone numbers.
(d) Use them as stools to break into windows.

14. What does Kreton suggest second to begin his plan to take over the world?
(a) Flying over the white house.
(b) Drying up small oceans.
(c) Doing something to the moon.
(d) Tricks like lifting a vase.

15. What does Kreton claim are Rosemary's feelings toward her family?
(a) She is indifferent to them.
(b) She loves them.
(c) She doesn't like them.
(d) She pities them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Roger invite onto his television show?

2. What does Kreton suggest first to begin his plan to take over the world?

3. For whom does Kreton note the fighting is for, at the end of his attempt to rouse Conrad?

4. What does Kreton want to watch Ellen do?

5. What topic do Kreton and the cat discuss at the beginning of Act II?

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