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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conrad claim Roger attempted to do to him while he slept?
(a) Smother him.
(b) Kick him.
(c) Shoot him.
(d) Stab him.

2. what does Kreton admit to Rosemary he has done?
(a) Conquered the world.
(b) Eaten a mouse.
(c) Chased a cat.
(d) Started a war.

3. Who is on Roger's evening broadcast?
(a) Kreton.
(b) Reba.
(c) Ellen.
(d) Powers.

4. What does Ellen announce she will do at the end of the Act, in regard to Conrad?
(a) Leave him.
(b) Sleep with him.
(c) Beat him.
(d) Marry him.

5. What does Kreton believe Conrad and Ellen were planning to do the night before?
(a) Drink alcohol.
(b) Attend a party.
(c) Devote the night to wild abandon.
(d) Attend a film festival.

6. Why does Ellen claim Conrad doesn't want to join the army?
(a) He doesn't like fighting.
(b) He doesn't like people.
(c) He doesn't like travel.
(d) He doesn't like his country.

7. Why does Conrad claim he was up all night?
(a) Roger snores.
(b) Roger tosses and turns.
(c) Roger talks in his sleep.
(d) Roger grinds his teeth.

8. What does Kreton want to watch Ellen do?
(a) Make love to a woman.
(b) Read a book.
(c) Exercise.
(d) Make love to a man.

9. What does Kreton suggest second to begin his plan to take over the world?
(a) Drying up small oceans.
(b) Tricks like lifting a vase.
(c) Doing something to the moon.
(d) Flying over the white house.

10. What does Roger claim the Russians are responsible for?
(a) The movement of the moon.
(b) The bombing of Washington.
(c) The raising of all America's rifles.
(d) The drying of an ocean.

11. What finally causes Conrad to fight?
(a) The aide thinking of sex with Ellen.
(b) The aide thinking of sex with Powers.
(c) The aide thinking of sex with Conrad.
(d) The aide thinking of sex with Reba.

12. What does Conrad suggest to take over the world?
(a) Removing all hairpieces.
(b) Tricks like lifting a vase.
(c) Reading the minds of military.
(d) Destruction of the world.

13. What does Powers tell Kreton he is to the military?
(a) A vessel.
(b) A threat.
(c) A new weapon.
(d) A civilian.

14. What does Kreton announce he has done at the end of Act II?
(a) Destroyed Washington.
(b) Planned a sneak attack.
(c) Married Conrad and Ellen.
(d) Destroyed the moon.

15. What does Kreton gather is unacceptable regarding sleeping arrangements?
(a) There can never be more than five in a room.
(b) Two people cannot be in the same room.
(c) Three is too many.
(d) Four is not enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kreton say space is like?

2. How does Kreton show his mental powers to Ellen?

3. What does Kreton assume the couple was going to do with the telephone books?

4. Why does Ellen claim she can't marry Conrad?

5. For whom does Kreton note the fighting is for, at the end of his attempt to rouse Conrad?

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