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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kreton note he has decided he will do to the world?
(a) Take charge of it.
(b) Love it.
(c) Blow it up.
(d) Erase it.

2. To what does Kreton compare his head vibrations?
(a) A guitar.
(b) A car.
(c) An ocean.
(d) A drum.

3. What is Ellen majoring in?
(a) Actuarial sciences.
(b) Art appreciation.
(c) Women's literature.
(d) Journalism.

4. What trait does Kreton say is endearing in Earthlings?
(a) They are neurotic.
(b) They are sensitive.
(c) They are very proud.
(d) They are emotional.

5. What does Kreton admit he can do with time?
(a) Live in it.
(b) Travel through it.
(c) Make it go backward.
(d) Alter it.

6. What does Conrad ask Ellen to do after discussing his dreams about them on a farm?
(a) He asks her to move in with him.
(b) He asks her to have sex with him.
(c) He asks her to leave him.
(d) He asks her to marry him.

7. What does Roger claim is the cause of people seeing a spacecraft?
(a) Mass hysteria.
(b) An optical illusion.
(c) Drugs.
(d) Stress.

8. What does Powers complain was dropped into his lap?
(a) The Laundry Project.
(b) Com Air Int.
(c) The UFO deal.
(d) The Strat-Air Project.

9. What does Reba note to Tom that has changed in her appearance?
(a) She is heavier.
(b) She is now blond.
(c) Her hair is longer.
(d) She is tan.

10. What does Roger say is the only organism on Mars?
(a) Fungus.
(b) Trees.
(c) Fish.
(d) Amoeba.

11. What does Roger believe Kreton belongs to?
(a) A race of thieves.
(b) A group of terrorists.
(c) A hostile race.
(d) A race of pigs.

12. Why is Roger worried about the evening's broadcast?
(a) He is warning America of war.
(b) He is wrongfully telling people aliens do not exist.
(c) He is afraid he will stutter.
(d) He is afraid his hair is imperfect.

13. How long did it take for Kreton to reach Earth?
(a) Three days.
(b) A day.
(c) Two days.
(d) Five years.

14. What is on Reba's mind at the end of Act 1?
(a) Her husband's hair piece.
(b) Her daughter's health.
(c) Whether there will be enough chicken.
(d) How handsome Kreton is.

15. What does Roger report General Powers advises the family do?
(a) Go to the cellar.
(b) Introduce themselves.
(c) Ignore the alien.
(d) Leave the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kreton claim he needs to lay down?

2. What nickname does the aide think of when he thinks of Powers?

3. According to Kreton, how many continents are on Earth?

4. What does Kreton seem to affectionately call the people in the house?

5. What problem do Reba and Roger have with watching Roger's television appearance?

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