Visit to a Small Planet Character Descriptions

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Delton 4 - This alien character arrives at the end of the play at the summoning of one of the family members.

Kreton (kree-tahn) - This character is an immoral alien who arrives on earth and who can read the thoughts of others, create invisible force-fields, and cause objects to levitate.

Conrad Mayberry - This pacifist, anti-war character refuses to join the military when a war is threatening to begin.

General Tom Powers - This character is the Army commander assigned to investigate the spacecraft seen hovering over the Speldings' home.

Ellen Spelding - This character is a bored college student who wishes for the opportunity to do something important like save the world.

Reba Spelding - This person worries more about the spacecraft in the rose garden and about the amount of food in the house than the alien in the house.

Roger Spelding - This...

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