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Chapter Abstracts

Act 1

* The play is set in Maryland, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Spelding.

* Ellen Spelding, Roger and Reba's daughter, is dating Conrad, whom Roger hates.

* A family friend, General Tom Powers, tells them a UFO is in the sky.

* An alien named Kreton enters the home, and after pleasant conversations, admits he can read minds.

* Kreton announces he wants to take over the world.

Act 2

* Ellen serves breakfast to Kreton the following morning, but Kreton's race doesn't eat.

* Marshal law is placed on the house, and no one can leave without escort.

* Kreton causes all the rifles in the world to rise, knowing America and Russia will blame one another, and go to war.

* Kreton attempts to convince Conrad to join the war effort, and Ellen and Conrad agree to marry.

* Kreton admits he has planned an attack to help start a war.

Act 3

* Kreton and...

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