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Short Answer Questions

1. How tall are the Christmas trees?

2. Which of the following is the source of Stephanie's discrimination?

3. Who calls Stephanie shortly after she hangs up the phone?

4. Valerie calls Stephanie about advice on which of the following?

5. According to Stephanie what hadn't been paid for when her own marriage ended?

Short Essay Questions

1. What previous effort has Diesel made to find Ring? What was the result?

2. Stephanie convinces Valerie to leave the bathroom. What is the escape route the sisters use? What goes wrong?

3. How do Diesel and Stephanie find the location of the workshop? What does Stephanie do next?

4. What does Stephanie say to reassure Valerie?

5. What is Stephanie's solution to the possible stampede?

6. What do Diesel and Stephanie see when they return to Sandy's house?

7. What is Diesel's explanation of the relationship between Ring and Sandy?

8. Why does Diesel think that Sandy will insist on handling Ring alone?

9. What is Valerie's explanation regarding the lack of prevention?

10. What upsets Stephanie about Christmas?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lula proudly admits to being a former "'ho" that has taken on a job as a file clerk. Discuss Lula's new profession and how her life is still colored by her old profession. Discuss Lula's unusual way of dressing as well as her questionable work ethic. Also describe Lula's friendship with Stephanie and Connie.

Essay Topic 2

Sandor Clausen is also known as Sandy Claws. Discuss the character. Why is Stephanie after Sandy? Why is Sandy in trouble? Who tries to protect Sandy? Where does Sandy work? Who does he work with and what do they manufacture? How does Sandy fit into the Plum's Christmas celebration? What is the outcome of Sandy's case? Does Sandy turn himself in or is he caught by Stephanie?

Essay Topic 3

The Plums live in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, NJ. The neighborhood is fondly referred to as "the 'Burg" to its residents, most of which are Italian or Hungarian. Stephanie Plum is half of each ethnicity. Discuss ethnic neighborhoods and how they differ from mixed neighborhoods. Also discuss the strong sense of community ingrained in the 'Burg and its people.

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