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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What secret location is Stephanie eager to find?
(a) Workshop.
(b) New bakery.
(c) Shoe outlet.
(d) Underground cave.

2. Stephanie is disappointed because the elves do not have:
(a) Pointy ears.
(b) Funny hats.
(c) Miniaturized woodworking tools.
(d) Curly toed shoes.

3. What unusual thing can Diesel do?
(a) Read minds.
(b) Fly.
(c) Levitate.
(d) Unlock doors.

4. Where does Stephanie meet Briggs?
(a) Apartment.
(b) Grocery store.
(c) Coffee shop.
(d) Work.

5. What do the elves do to Stephanie?
(a) Give her toys.
(b) Attack.
(c) Throw her into a dumpster.
(d) Laugh at her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Stephanie is concerned that Valerie will buy a:

2. In the end, Valerie decides that ___________ is to blame.

3. Stephanie's explanation of the case finally causes Briggs to:

4. Where is Valerie during the time of the phone call?

5. Where does Briggs hit Diesel?

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