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Stephanie Plum's apartment

This place is the site of many invasions, torrid affairs, and the place where Stephanie often hides out from fugitives.

The Plum Family Home

This place is located in Chambersburg, a suburb of Trenton, NJ.

Vincent Plum Bail Bonding Company

This place is located in a strip mall in downtown Trenton.

Sandy Claws' House

This is a single house in Trenton used for a hideout for the main fugitive.

Randy Briggs' Apartment

This is home to the computer geek turned elf.

Tasty Pastry

This is the bakery where Stephanie worked as a teenager.

Stiva's Funeral Home

This is the hot spot for funerals in Trenton.

Sandy Claws' Toy Store

This place in downtown Trenton gets destroyed by Ring.

Sandy Claws' Workshop

This place is in an undisclosed location and the place where the would-be Santa is hiding from the law.

Stephanie's Honda CRV

This is...

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