Visions of Sugar Plums Character Descriptions

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Stephanie Plum

This character is a masterful combination of today's modern woman, mixed with the characteristics of a traditional Jersey girl.


This character is a man of mystery with special powers.


This character is a file clerk at Vincent Plum's Bail Bonding Company.

Grandma Mazur

This character is the grandmother of Stephanie Plum.

Helen Plum

This character is Stephanie's mother.

Frank Plum

This character is Stephanie's father.

Joe Morelli

This character is a former bad boy turned Trenton cop.

Sandy Claws

This character is a fugitive on Stephanie's list.

Randy Briggs

This character is a computer geek and little person.


This character, another supernatural, is the polar opposite of Sandy Claws.

Connie Rosolli

This character is the office manager at Vincent Plum Bail Bonding Company.


This character is Valerie's daughter. Stephanie refers to the nine-year-old as a very short forty-year-old woman.

Mary Alice


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