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Chapter One

• A strange man appears in Stephanie's apartment.

• The man will not reveal how he arrived.
• Stephanie is a bounty hunter.

• Stephanie gets a gun.
• The man laughs and is indignant.

• The man's name is Diesel, no last name.

• Stephanie checks to make sure Diesel is real.

• Diesel won't leave.
• Stephanie gives Diesel details on her latest case.

• Stephanie and Diesel go looking for Sandy Claws.
• Stephanie takes Diesel to her parents' house for dinner.

• Grandma Mazur and Frank question Diesel.

Chapter Two

• Diesel is sent to watch TV while Stephanie helps in the kitchen.

• The women in the kitchen talk about Diesel and the latest funeral.

• Stiva's Funeral Home is a hot spot in the 'Burg.

• Stephanie discovers Diesel is gone.

• Diesel has taken Stephanie's car.

• Diesel eventually returns.

• Morelli shows up to dinner, where things are strained.

• Morelli gets called away.
Mary Alice declares that...

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