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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What strategy does Surrealism use for presenting images?
(a) Opposite images are contrasted.
(b) The images are distorted beyond recognition.
(c) Images are piled on, one after another.
(d) Layers of each image are stripped away until the essential truth is apparent.

2. How should materialism be disclaimed, in "Materialism"?
(a) By superseding idealism with dialogue.
(b) By including all idealism.
(c) By excluding all idealism.
(d) By replacing idealism with matter.

3. How does "The Language of Flowers" end?
(a) With a girl being sent away to school.
(b) With students strangling a young woman.
(c) With Count Leopold von Sacher-Masoch putting out a priest's eye.
(d) With Sade tossing flower petals into a ditch of manure.

4. Where did Bataille go to school?
(a) Ecole des Chartres.
(b) Lycée Henry IV.
(c) Lycée International.
(d) Ecole des Beaux Artes.

5. What does standing upright do for man in "The Big Toe"?
(a) Raises his head to the heavens.
(b) Lets him see things clearer.
(c) Distorts his vision with unnatural ideas.
(d) Hides his anus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bataille remember his father spanking him with in "[Dream]"?

2. Where did "[Dream]" originate?

3. What do volcanoes serve as, in "The Solar Anus"?

4. What kind of eye does Victor Hugo describe in a poem Bataille cites?

5. What did Bataille write while he was working?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the notion of parody apply to the sun in "The Solar Anus"?

2. What experience does Bataille elevate in "Rotten Sun"?

3. Describe the change in Bataille's early work to his more mature work and values.

4. Describe Bataille's involvement with the Popular Front.

5. What is the value of intellectual violence in Bataille's work?

6. Describe Bataille's religion in childhood.

7. What was Bataille's objection to Nietzsche?

8. Describe the importance of the 'cephalus' in Bataille's thinking.

9. What was Bataille's relationship with Andrea Breton?

10. What were Bataille's early publications?

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