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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section III (1936-1939).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who contributed to "Documents"?
(a) Rebel surrealists.
(b) Librarians.
(c) Literary critics.
(d) Biologists.

2. What did fascism use Nietzsche's writing to oppose?
(a) The current political system.
(b) Sentimentalism.
(c) The policies of Daladier.
(d) The view of the past being taught in German schools.

3. What does Bataille say the world offers modern man to love?
(a) A society to be assumed.
(b) The progress of capitalism to communism.
(c) God and religion.
(d) Nothing beyond self-interest.

4. What was the purpose of the Popular Front, in Bataille's account?
(a) To overthrow the Vichy government.
(b) To oppose immigrants in France.
(c) To oppose Hitler.
(d) To oppose fascism in France.

5. How does Bataille describe the Mithraic cult ritual of the sun in "Rotten Sun"?
(a) A priest cuts a victim's throat on an altar.
(b) A priest spatters a bull's blood on worshipers underneath.
(c) A priest stares into the sun to have a vision.
(d) A worshiper puts out a priest's eye.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tone did Andre Masson establish in his drawings?

2. What strategy does Surrealism use for presenting images?

3. Which of the following does Bataille NOT use as an example of unproductive expenditure without value beyond itself?

4. Who is the audience for "The Practice of Joy before Death"?

5. When does an obelisk cease to be meaningful?

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