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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section I (1927-1930).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In whose hands does Bataille describe conspicuous consumption as a tool?
(a) The intelligentsia.
(b) The poor.
(c) The middle class.
(d) The rich.

2. What does Bataille say surrealism is, in "The 'Old Mole' and the Prefix Sur in the Words Surhomme [Superman] and Surrealist"?
(a) A surplus of idealism.
(b) A childhood sickness of materialism.
(c) A reaction against childhood idealism.
(d) A form of world-weariness.

3. What kind of eye does Victor Hugo describe in a poem Bataille cites?
(a) An eye of conscience.
(b) An eye of longing.
(c) An eye of judgment.
(d) An eye of surveillance.

4. What was Bataille being punished for in "[Dream]"?
(a) Seeing his parents naked.
(b) Wetting himself.
(c) Staying up too late.
(d) Playing with a hoop.

5. What are flowers not matched by, in "The Language of Flowers"?
(a) The purity of the sunshine.
(b) The corrupt hands that pick them.
(c) The work of bees.
(d) A show of human love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Bataille leave his job in 1942?

2. What claim does Bataille discuss in "The Deviations of Nature"?

3. What does the other self-mutilator (besides Van Gogh) do in "Sacrificial Mutilation and the Severed Ear of Vincent Van Gogh"?

4. When did Bataille publish his first pamphlet?

5. What does Bataille claim the world is in "The Solar Anus"?

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