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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What critique does Bataille make in "The Critique of the Foundations of Hegelian Dialectic"?
(a) He criticizes the Oversoul as a childish fantasy.
(b) He mocks Marx and Engels for their idealism.
(c) He demonstrated why dialectical materialism is inevitable.
(d) He frees dialectical negation from Engels' mechanical abstraction.

2. What was the subject of Bataille's first pamphlet?
(a) Praise of his mother.
(b) Criticism of his religion.
(c) Praise of Cathedral Notre Dame des Reims.
(d) Criticism of his father.

3. What did Bataille describe in "The Lugubrious Game"?
(a) Sex play with eyeballs.
(b) Anal fixation.
(c) A brown smudge.
(d) Bestiality.

4. How does Bataille describe his work?
(a) Hydrocephalic.
(b) Bicephalic.
(c) Monocephalic.
(d) Acephalic.

5. What did Bataille write while he was working?
(a) Book reviews.
(b) Art criticism.
(c) A medieval romance.
(d) Articles on philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Bataille contrast to the sovereign in "Psychological Structure of Fascism"?

2. What is the benefit Bataille sees to having more than one meaning in his work?

3. What did "Acephale" primarily consist of?

4. What relationship do the writings in Section II have to the writings in Section I?

5. Why was it a mistake for Bataille to use his intellectual violence on Breton?

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