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Chapter Abstracts


* George Bataille was born in 1897 and lived until 1962.

* Bataille and his mother abandoned Bataille's blind and syphilitic father in 1913, when Bataille was sixteen.

* Bataille became Catholic in rebellion against his father, but renounced his faith seven years later.

* At the Ecole des Chartres, Bataille was trained as a medieval librarian, and he worked in that role until 1942.

* The first book Bataille published was "W.C.", which was 'opposed to all dignity' but Breton, a lead surrealist, called Bataille an excremental philosopher.

* Bataille followed 'W.C.' with other excremental works such as "Eye", "The Big Toe", "The Language of Flowers" and "The Lugubrious Game".

* In 1935, Bataille founded the Popular Front with Andre Breton and others in an attempt to oppose fascism.

* Bataille ultimately concluded that a bi-cephalic--i.e. a self-contradictory--philosophy was preferable to a monocephalic one with its single meanings for things.

Section I (1927-1930)

* "[Dream]" is...

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