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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal sound does George make late in this section?

2. What department is Nick actually in?

3. To what type of animal does George compare Martha's father?

4. Which of these is not a name that Martha calls George in this section?

5. From what country do Nick and George think the toy gun comes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the movie that Martha references at the beginning of the play.

2. Describe university politics as explained by George.

3. About what part of George's picking flowers do he and Martha disagree?

4. What are some of the admonishments that George gives Martha in this section?

5. How does the relationship between George and Martha seem different when he returns home?

6. What confession does Honey make?

7. Describe the chaos that occurs at the end of Act 1.

8. Describe the cloistered world that George and Martha have created at the beginning of the play.

9. Compare George and Martha's attitudes to her father and its effect on George's career?

10. Describe George.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The collapse of inhibitions - mostly, but not exclusively, as a result of drink - is a key driver of action in the play. Write an essay about the disappearance of inhibitions as time goes on:

Part 1) Examine the character of Honey. How is the entirety of her character arc a breaking down of inhibitions leading to her final admission in Act 3.

Part 2) How does the relationship between Nick and Martha change over the course of the play as a result of the breaking down of inhibitions?

Part 3) How is George's revelation about his child the ultimate collapse of his and Martha's inhibitions?

Essay Topic 2

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf is a play about rapidly shifting alliances. Compare and contrast the last scene of Act 2 - where Nick and Martha team up against George - and the middle of Act 3 - where George and Martha bombard Nick. What has changed between these two scenes and what is each of the three characters trying to accomplish at each point in time?

Essay Topic 3

Repetition of phrases is a central component of Albee's writing. Write an essay about the purpose of this repetition. Defend your position with paragraphs about the following repeated phrases:

Part 1) Snap

Part 2)Truth and Illusion

Part 3) She's slim-hipped

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