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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What department is Nick actually in?
(a) Biology
(b) English
(c) Physics
(d) Political Science

2. What reason does George give for not kissing Martha?
(a) He'd puke
(b) He'd be unfaithful to his other wife
(c) He'd get too excited
(d) He's too drunk

3. Against which innovation does George speak out vehemently?
(a) Nuclear fussion
(b) Space exploration
(c) Brain imaging
(d) Genetic modification

4. What don't insane people do, according to George?
(a) Hurt
(b) Age
(c) Cry
(d) Love

5. Why did Martha live alone with her father for most of her early life?
(a) Her mother and father divorced
(b) Her mother died early
(c) She was adopted
(d) Her mother disappeared for weeks on end

6. How do the ages of George and Martha compare?
(a) George is ten years older than Martha
(b) They are approximately the same age
(c) Martha is six years older than George
(d) George is three years older than Martha

7. From what country do Nick and George think the toy gun comes?
(a) India
(b) China
(c) Japan
(d) Italy

8. What philosophical leaning does Martha claim to hold?
(a) Stoic
(b) Pedant
(c) Atheist
(d) Social materialist

9. What state of being does Martha accuse George of having?
(a) Transcendance
(b) Nonexistence
(c) Smallness
(d) Monolithic dominance

10. What part of her father's anatomy does George call Martha?
(a) His brain
(b) His right ball
(c) His ears
(d) His ass

11. Which of the following is not a fictional locale to which George compares the university?
(a) Atlantis
(b) Penguin Island
(c) Gomorrah
(d) Illyria

12. To what poet does Martha compare George?
(a) e.e. cummings
(b) Dylan Thomas
(c) T.S. Eliot
(d) Ted Hughes

13. What new nickname does Martha give George in the second half of Act 1?
(a) Wimpy
(b) Swampy
(c) Soupy
(d) Pussy

14. From what age have Honey and Nick known each other?
(a) Six
(b) Twenty
(c) Sixteen
(d) Ten

15. What nationality does George say the man who painted their abstract painting is?
(a) Italian
(b) British
(c) German
(d) Greek

Short Answer Questions

1. When Martha suggests that George should have listened to her in the bathroom, what does he suggest he would have done instead?

2. What does George tell Martha he wants her to stop doing?

3. To what type of animal does George compare Martha's father?

4. What does Martha do with chromosomes, according to George?

5. What comes out of the toy shotgun that George fires?

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