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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a term that George uses to describe his son?
(a) The little man
(b) The apple of our eye
(c) The sprout
(d) The little bugger

2. What game did Nick and Honey play when they were younger?
(a) Hide and Seek
(b) Truth or Dare
(c) Doctor
(d) Spin the Bottle

3. George mentions an old professor of Latin who recently died on campus. Where was he when he died?
(a) His office
(b) The cafeteria
(c) In class
(d) The chapel

4. Which mythical creature does George compare Martha to as he discusses his son with Nick?
(a) A hydra
(b) A cyclops
(c) A siren
(d) A centaur

5. What term does George use to describe the faculty parties they have to attend?
(a) Wakes
(b) Boxing matches
(c) Socials
(d) Orgies

6. From which department is the young professor who's coming with his wife to the house, according to Martha?
(a) Political Science
(b) English
(c) Mathematics
(d) Divinity

7. To what type of animal does George compare Martha's father?
(a) A shark
(b) A mouse
(c) A cat
(d) A bear

8. How does George refer to his arguments with Martha while alone with Nick?
(a) Exercising
(b) Making love
(c) Performing
(d) Sparring

9. Why did Martha live alone with her father for most of her early life?
(a) Her mother disappeared for weeks on end
(b) Her mother and father divorced
(c) She was adopted
(d) Her mother died early

10. Why did George run the History Department for four years?
(a) Everyone was in the War
(b) He published a popular historical novel
(c) Martha's father took ill
(d) Martha's father was on sabatical

11. To whom is this actress married in the film, according to Martha?
(a) Joseph Cotten
(b) Peter Lorre
(c) Claude Raines
(d) Mickey Rooney

12. What does Nick think women discuss when in the bathroom together?
(a) Their men
(b) Themselves
(c) Fashion
(d) Sex

13. With what does George say he is preoccupied?
(a) Biology
(b) Sex
(c) History
(d) Children

14. What saying does Honey drink by?
(a) Never mix, never worry
(b) Light before dark
(c) When in Rome
(d) Liquor before beer, in the clear

15. How old will George and Martha's son be tomorrow?
(a) Twenty-eight
(b) Sixteen
(c) Eighteen
(d) Twenty-one

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Martha doing for Honey at the beginning of Act 2?

2. About what does Martha now want to talk?

3. How old does George tell Nick Martha is?

4. What part of her father's anatomy does George call Martha?

5. What does Honey say Martha is doing upstairs?

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