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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does George think is the name of the film Martha is referencing?
(a) You Can't Take it with You
(b) Rebecca
(c) Chicago
(d) The Magnificent Ambersons

2. Who throws up at the end of Act 1?
(a) Nick
(b) Martha
(c) Honey
(d) George

3. What attribute of Nick and Honey's does George comment on as they ring the doorbell?
(a) Their good manners
(b) Their youthful glow
(c) Their punctuality
(d) Their natual grace

4. What is the faculty sport, according to George?
(a) Snipe and Sorry
(b) Follow the Chair
(c) Publish or Die
(d) Musical Beds

5. What saying does Honey drink by?
(a) Light before dark
(b) When in Rome
(c) Never mix, never worry
(d) Liquor before beer, in the clear

6. To what poet does Martha compare George?
(a) e.e. cummings
(b) Dylan Thomas
(c) Ted Hughes
(d) T.S. Eliot

7. Which is not among the "damnedest" drinks that Geroge says Martha used to prefer?
(a) Brandy Alexander
(b) Flaming Punch Bowl
(c) Buck's Fizz
(d) Gimlet

8. How does Nick mispronounce the word "gaggle?"
(a) Gargle
(b) Goggle
(c) Gangle
(d) Naggle

9. Between which two colors do Martha and George argue, regarding their son's eyes?
(a) Blue and Hazel
(b) Brown and Hazel
(c) Blue and Green
(d) Green and Brown

10. What attribute makes Martha's stepmother like a witch?
(a) Her love of cats
(b) Her complexion
(c) Her temper
(d) Her warts

11. Who answers the door when Nick and Honey arrive?
(a) Both
(b) Martha
(c) George
(d) Neither

12. Where does George tell Nick and Honey to put their coats?
(a) The Bedroom
(b) The Floor
(c) Anywhere
(d) The Hall Closet

13. According to George at the end of Act 1, what is Martha at heart?
(a) A Man
(b) A Libertine
(c) A Floozy
(d) A Romantic

14. Which of the following is not a term that George uses to describe his son?
(a) The little bugger
(b) The little man
(c) The apple of our eye
(d) The sprout

15. What reason does Nick give for marrying Honey at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) She was pregnant
(b) Her father was the president of his first university
(c) He loved her
(d) He lost a bet

Short Answer Questions

1. How does George refer to the bathroom?

2. How does George silence Martha as she talks about his failure to take over the department?

3. About what time of the day does the play begin?

4. How does George refer to Martha's new outfit?

5. Which mythical creature does George compare Martha to as he discusses his son with Nick?

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