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Short Answer Questions

1. As Meeks drives with Tarwater, what does he consider doing with Tarwater?

2. What does Tarwater compare Bishop to when they go to the Italian restaurant?

3. What does Tarwater compare Mason's dead eyes to?

4. How does Mason describe the end of the world?

5. What does Rayber forget to put on the night he follows Tarwater?

Short Essay Questions

1. What condition is Tarwater in when he wakes up in the woods?

2. What does Bishop look like the first time Tarwater sees him?

3. Why does Buford come to Mason's shack in the beginning of chapter 1?

4. What happens when Tarwater drinks water from the pump near the Negro shack?

5. How does Rayber describe the windows of the building Lucette preaches in?

6. What is Rayber's plan for Tarwater on the fishing trip?

7. In the beginning of chapter 3, why does Tarwater not look at the sky?

8. What memory of Powderhead makes Rayber's heart expand unbelievably?

9. Why does Rayber suddenly duck his head and hide when he is watching Lucette?

10. Why does Tarwater start walking toward Powderhead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tarwater receives rides from three strangers in this novel: Meeks, the truck driver, and the man in the lavender car. Describe each trip in terms of influence on Tarwater, symbolism, reflection of religion, and impact on the rest of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Tarwater embarks on a spiritual journey in this novel. Analyze the use of symbolism, roads and cars for example, in the construction of his journey. How does his journey end and what does this mean to mankind?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the motif of death in "The Violent Bear It Away". What does each death represent and reflect? How are characters described through death? How does death drive this novel?

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