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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tarwater's long face remind Rayber of?
(a) A foot without a shoe.
(b) A knife blade.
(c) A root pulled from the ground.
(d) A sharpened pencil.

2. What does Tarwater do at the end of the trip out into the lake?
(a) He eats a live fish.
(b) He catches more fish than Rayber.
(c) He tries to burn the boat.
(d) He jumps off the boat and swims away.

3. Who says they are "going on about (their) bidnis"?
(a) Rayber.
(b) Bishop.
(c) Tarwater.
(d) Mason.

4. What does Tarwater decide to do with the bottle opener from Rayber?
(a) Give it to the Negro boy.
(b) Buy a drink and open it.
(c) Sell it at the gas station.
(d) Throw it down the hill.

5. What does Tarwater think his destiny is forcing him on to?
(a) More fires.
(b) A final revelation.
(c) Prophesying.
(d) A second baptism.

Short Answer Questions

1. After leaving the gas station, what does Tarwater hunger for in addition to food and drink?

2. When does Tarwater believe he can walk to Powderhead by?

3. Who says, "You can't be born again"?

4. What does the driver of the car say cures a cough?

5. What does Tarwater eat for lunch before fishing?

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