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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rayber see where Mason's cabin used to be?
(a) Two chimneys and black rubble.
(b) A door frame and ashes.
(c) A pile of bones.
(d) Nothing but dust.

2. What does Tarwater do at the end of the trip out into the lake?
(a) He jumps off the boat and swims away.
(b) He eats a live fish.
(c) He tries to burn the boat.
(d) He catches more fish than Rayber.

3. What does Bishop do when he sees the fountain at the park?
(a) He runs away afraid.
(b) He throws money into it.
(c) He jumps in.
(d) He starts to yell.

4. What does Tarwater say the only reason for him to leave Powderhead is?
(a) To visit Rayber.
(b) To prove he isn't a prophet.
(c) To baptize the people of the city.
(d) To free himself from the woods.

5. What does Rayber buy for Tarwater at the gas station?
(a) Fake teeth.
(b) A bottle opener.
(c) A wood plaque.
(d) A cigarette lighter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tarwater write on the check-in card at the hotel?

2. Where did Rayber's wife, Bernice, go when she left him?

3. Who says, "You can't be born again"?

4. After leaving the gas station, what does Tarwater hunger for in addition to food and drink?

5. What does Rayber hear when he turns on his hearing aid the night Tarwater takes Bishop on the boat?

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