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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose voice is the stranger's?
(a) Mason.
(b) Buford.
(c) An angry neighbor.
(d) The devil.

2. What does the schoolteacher first think when Tarwater shows up at his house?
(a) That it is a trick.
(b) That he is in trouble.
(c) That he is selling something.
(d) That he has won.

3. What does Rayber call the aptitude test?
(a) A measure of ability.
(b) Too hard for Tarwater.
(c) A game.
(d) Work.

4. What does Meeks do every time Tarwater mentions Mason?
(a) He rolls his eyes.
(b) He challenges Mason's ideas.
(c) He yells at Tarwater.
(d) He agrees with Mason's ideas.

5. Why does the schoolteacher use the help of a welfare office worker?
(a) To get child support.
(b) To find a new job.
(c) To get Tarwater back.
(d) To get unemployment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Mason describe the schoolteacher's house?

2. Who is Tarwater's uncle?

3. What does Mason tell Tarwater a benefit of living in the woods is?

4. What about Tarwater makes fury rise in Rayber?

5. Why would Mason leave for days at a time into the woods?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tarwater walk as he walks to the museum with Rayber and Bishop?

2. How does Tarwater respond when the woman at the hotel tells him to not do the devil's work at the hotel?

3. What does Tarwater do when he has a hard time thinking of what to say to the woman at the gas station?

4. When Tarwater is looking over Bishop in the fountain, what does he think?

5. How does Rayber describe the windows of the building Lucette preaches in?

6. What becomes apparent to Tarwater after the death of Mason?

7. How does Tarwater respond when he runs into Rayber after leaving the church?

8. Why does the stranger's voice tell Tarwater that hunger does not count as a sign?

9. Why does Tarwater balk at Mason's directions for burying him?

10. Why does Rayber say that Tarwater is his son also when they check in to the hotel?

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