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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tarwater's long face remind Rayber of?
(a) A sharpened pencil.
(b) A knife blade.
(c) A foot without a shoe.
(d) A root pulled from the ground.

2. Why does Rayber feel he had ruined his plan in chapter 9?
(a) Because he ended the fishing trip too soon.
(b) Because he left Tarwater alone.
(c) Because he went to Powderhead too soon.
(d) Because he let Bishop see the burned cabin.

3. What does Rayber say always "irks" him?
(a) When people call him "sugerpie".
(b) When Tarwater disobeys.
(c) When people stare at Bishop.
(d) When people assume things.

4. What does Tarwater realize he is holding during his ride to Powderhead?
(a) The driver's sandwich.
(b) A stack of money.
(c) The driver's hand.
(d) Bishop's hat.

5. What does the man who picks Tarwater up say he needs in exchange for the ride?
(a) A place to stay in town.
(b) Twenty-five dollars.
(c) A woman.
(d) To be kept awake.

6. What does Bishop do when he sees the fountain at the park?
(a) He runs away afraid.
(b) He throws money into it.
(c) He starts to yell.
(d) He jumps in.

7. What did Bernice want to happen to Bishop?
(a) She wanted Bishop put in an institution.
(b) She wanted Rayber to raise Bishop alone.
(c) She wanted Bishop to be put up for adoption.
(d) She wanted to raise Bishop alone.

8. What does Rayber see where Mason's cabin used to be?
(a) Nothing but dust.
(b) A pile of bones.
(c) Two chimneys and black rubble.
(d) A door frame and ashes.

9. Who does Rayber say is "basically very bright"?
(a) Bernice.
(b) Tarwater.
(c) Himself.
(d) Bishop.

10. Who thinks to himself, "I must have infinite patience"?
(a) Bishop.
(b) Mason.
(c) Rayber.
(d) Tarwater.

11. Why does Rayber offer Tarwater his glass of water at the hotel restaurant?
(a) To make peace.
(b) To make sure Tarwater didn't try to poison him.
(c) Because he is thirsty.
(d) To baptize Bishop with.

12. When Rayber was in the newspaper, what did the caption say?
(a) Overjoyed father sees son revived.
(b) Man loses son at the beach.
(c) Man runs for mayor.
(d) Overjoyed father finds missing son.

13. Why does Bishop sit on the stairs in front of Tarwater?
(a) He wants his shoes tied.
(b) He wants to kick Tarwater.
(c) He wants to be in the way.
(d) He wants attention.

14. What does Tarwater think his destiny is forcing him on to?
(a) More fires.
(b) A second baptism.
(c) Prophesying.
(d) A final revelation.

15. What premonition does Rayber have when he fills out the card at the hotel?
(a) That he will lose money.
(b) That Bishop needs help.
(c) That Tarwater will be saved.
(d) That the trip is doomed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Rayber, Bishop and Tarwater stay during their fishing trip?

2. What does the driver of the car say cures a cough?

3. What does Tarwater do at the end of the trip out into the lake?

4. Why does Bishop jump off of Tarwater's bed at the end of chapter 8?

5. What does Tarwater decide to do with the bottle opener from Rayber?

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