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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tarwater say about burying Mason?
(a) Mason did not leave instructions.
(b) Mason wanted too fancy of a grave.
(c) Mason was too big to bury.
(d) Mason's coffin broke.

2. What does Meeks think of Tarwater after driving for only a short while?
(a) That he has a good business idea.
(b) That he is just trying to sell him something.
(c) That he is related.
(d) That he is a runaway.

3. Where does Bishop go to school?
(a) He is homeschooled.
(b) He does not go to school.
(c) A school in the next town.
(d) A school for exceptional children.

4. What is part of a "simple equation that required no further solution"?
(a) Bishop.
(b) Tarwater.
(c) Love.
(d) Hatred.

5. What does the schoolteacher first think when Tarwater shows up at his house?
(a) That he is in trouble.
(b) That it is a trick.
(c) That he is selling something.
(d) That he has won.

6. What catches Tarwater's attention in the store window when he is walking with Rayber?
(a) A gun.
(b) A gold watch.
(c) A red car.
(d) A balloon.

7. Who says they are free?
(a) Tarwater.
(b) Bernice.
(c) Rayber.
(d) Bishop.

8. Who does the schoolteacher marry?
(a) Sally.
(b) Bernice.
(c) A schoolteacher.
(d) A bishop.

9. What feature was Tarwater unable to recall about the schoolteacher's face?
(a) His jaw.
(b) His mouth.
(c) His nose.
(d) His eyes.

10. Why does Rayber think Tarwater is headed into town the night he leaves the house?
(a) To see something that interested him.
(b) To meet with friends.
(c) To go to church.
(d) To have a drink.

11. Who shoots the schoolteacher?
(a) Buford.
(b) Bernice.
(c) Tarwater.
(d) Mason.

12. What type of boy does Mason say Tarwater is?
(a) The type that people will take advantage of.
(b) The type the devil is always going to try to assist.
(c) The type that won't understand until it's too late.
(d) The type that women will ignore.

13. What does Lucette wear?
(a) A long white dress.
(b) A cape and a skirt.
(c) A black jacket.
(d) A man's jacket and tie.

14. Why does Rayber leave his house at the end of chapter 4?
(a) Because he needed to go to the store.
(b) Because Bishop ran away.
(c) Because of a fight.
(d) Because Tarwater was gone.

15. What does Tarwater want to make clear to Rayber, the "schoolteacher", the morning he goes to his house?
(a) That he needs money.
(b) That he disagreed with Mason.
(c) That he wants Bishop to be like a brother.
(d) That he is not to be studied.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Tarwater says to the schoolteacher?

2. When does Meeks tell Tarwater to contact him?

3. How did Mason describe Tarwater's sister?

4. Who buries Mason Tarwater?

5. Why does Rayber have a hard time walking around the town?

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