The Violent Bear It Away Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Buford come to Mason's shack in the beginning of chapter 1?

Buford comes to Mason's shack because he wants some moonshine.

2. What things does Mason teach Tarwater?

Tarwater receives a "backwoods education" from Mason and learns the ways of prophesying.

3. Why does Mason try to kidnap Bishop?

Mason tries to kidnap Bishop because he wants to save him from living with the "evil" schoolteacher and "lewd" Bernice.

4. Why does Tarwater balk at Mason's directions for burying him?

Tarwater balks at Mason's directions for burial because he thinks a cross is an unnecessary trifle.

5. How does Mason feel Rayber insulted him?

Mason stayed with Rayber after his release from an insane asylum and Rayber used Mason as a subject for an article on religious fanaticism.

6. When Tarwater is digging the grave for Mason, what does he think of Rayber?

When Tarwater is digging Mason's grave he is pleased to know that Rayber will not come to claim him.

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