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Chapter 1

• Buford Mason buries Mason Tarwater.

• Mason teaches Tarwater, his great-nephew, the ways of prophesying so that the child may carry on his legacy.

• Mason has a history of kidnapping and baptizing children.

• Tarwater's uncle, Rayber, "the schoolteacher", has been at odds with Mason for years.

• Mason always wanted to baptize Rayber's son Bishop.

• Tarwater burns down Mason's cabin and leaves Powderhead.

Chapters 2 and 3

• Tarwater hitches a ride with a copper flue salesman named Meeks.

• Tarwater goes to Rayber's house.

• When Tarwater sees Bishop he gets the urge to baptize the boy.

• Bishop is developmentally impaired.

• Rayber feels he can provide a better life for Tarwater and takes him in.

Chapters 4 and 5

• Rayber buys Tarwater food and clothing and Tarwater rejects it.

• Tarwater leaves his room one night and goes into town. Rayber follows him.

• Tarwater visits a church with a young girl preaching.

• Tarwater claims he only...

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