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Short Answer Questions

1. In the late 1960's, why was Rex becoming dissatisfied?

2. Why does the Sheriff have difficulty getting into Holytail?

3. What does Brock use the information for?

4. How long after Frenesi is gone does Hector Zuniga first show up?

5. Who explains the terms of his deal to Zoyd?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when marijuana is brought onto the campus?

2. What is DL reluctant about and how does she resolve that reluctance?

3. Where is the College of the Surf located?

4. Why does Sasha suggest to Zoyd that he take Prairie to Vineland?

5. After DL is sold in Japan, what does she discover about her buyer?

6. What is the place that DL takes Prairie to?

7. By the year 1984, what and where is Weed Atman?

8. What happens to Frenesi during and right after her pregnancy with Prairie?

9. What and where is Holytail?

10. Why does Zoyd agree to the deal that Vond offers him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Zoyd give Prairie before she leaves with Isaiah to go into hiding the next morning? Where did he get this unusual item and what is its purpose? What were the events that occurred that precipitated the gift to Zoyd? Where was Zoyd at the time? Who did he save and how?

Essay Topic 2

What compound does DL take Prairie to? Who runs the compound and what purpose is there for its existence? Why is Sister Rochelle skeptical of DL, and what decision does she make despite her reservations. What is Prairie tasked to do there, and in return, what is she given access to?

Essay Topic 3

After Zoyd's most recent demonstration orchestrated by Zuniga, where does Hector ask Zoyd to meet him? What does Zuniga tell Zoyd about his ex-wife? What has already occurred in her life that signify major changes are coming? How does Zoyd's meeting with Hector end and why?

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