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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Wayvone ask DL to do in the early 1970's?

2. What happens when the depression lifts?

3. What is the College of the Surf?

4. What disagreement is there among the members of the film group?

5. What mistake does DL make in Japan?

Short Essay Questions

1. After DL is sold in Japan, what does she discover about her buyer?

2. What kind of behavior is revealed by the group, who is frustrated by it, and why?

3. What is the place that DL takes Prairie to?

4. Why does Zoyd agree to the deal that Vond offers him?

5. What happens when DL tries to put Wayvone's plan into action?

6. By the year 1984, what and where is Weed Atman?

7. Where do Takeshi and DL take Prairie after they leave and what does she see there?

8. What and where is Holytail?

9. What does the film archive reveal to Prairie about the documentary group and it's mission?

10. What political changes does the College of the Surf go through?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What happens to Brock in the end? From who's perspective is this last chapter told? What transition does Brock make after the theft of the helicopter? How is this transition registered by Vond? Where does he find himself? What does he do next? Who comes to his 'rescue' and where do they take him? What does he see when he reaches that point, and what advice is he given?

Essay Topic 2

What medical condition does Frenesi have during and after her pregnancy with Prairie? How did this affect her most profoundly? What was Frenesi's response to this condition? How did Sasha react? What does Frenesi eventually realize and what resolve does she come away with? When she reaches these conclusions, who reappears in her life and throws a wrench into her good intentions?

Essay Topic 3

What compound does DL take Prairie to? Who runs the compound and what purpose is there for its existence? Why is Sister Rochelle skeptical of DL, and what decision does she make despite her reservations. What is Prairie tasked to do there, and in return, what is she given access to?

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