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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she ask her mother to do?
(a) Take her and Prairie in.
(b) Keep Prairie away from her.
(c) Raise Prairie as her own.
(d) Talk to Zoyd for her.

2. What does Vond offer Zoyd in return for his freedom?
(a) To leave the country.
(b) To put Prairie in foster care.
(c) To take Prairie and never return or see Frenesi again.
(d) To tell Frenesi it is over.

3. Who explains the terms of his deal to Zoyd?
(a) Vond.
(b) Hector.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) The judge.

4. What is Weed Atman in 1984?
(a) A base guitarist.
(b) A singer.
(c) A conventioneer.
(d) A Thanatoid.

5. What is Wayvone's plan for DL?
(a) To have her pose as a prostitute to attract Vond and kill him.
(b) To pay her back for refusing to help him with Vond's murder.
(c) To keep her in a brothel and make money on her.
(d) To take her back to the United States.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Atman involve himself with?

2. Who rescues Frenesi?

3. Why does the Sheriff have difficulty getting into Holytail?

4. How does DL tell Prairie she met Takeshi?

5. Who does Frenesi visit frequently while pregnant with Prairie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Zoyd agree to the deal that Vond offers him?

2. What does the film archive reveal to Prairie about the documentary group and it's mission?

3. What is Brock's political philosophy?

4. What does Brock believe that observing his prisoners and taking note of their brow lines, jaw, skull and face will tell him?

5. After DL is sold in Japan, what does she discover about her buyer?

6. What and where is Holytail?

7. By the year 1984, what and where is Weed Atman?

8. Why does Sasha suggest to Zoyd that he take Prairie to Vineland?

9. What deal does Prairie make with the leader of the Sisters and where does she start?

10. What strength does Vond have that allows him to manipulate events within PR3?

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