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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of exchange to Brock and Frenesi engage in on film?
(a) Prim and proper.
(b) Flirtatiously hostile.
(c) Aggressive.
(d) Openly angry.

2. What is the purpose of PREP?
(a) To reduce the opposition party by force.
(b) To reprogram liberal prisoners to service as conservatives.
(c) To re-educate left wing students.
(d) To destroy the current world order.

3. What event is caught on film?
(a) The invasion of the campus.
(b) The arrival of Flash.
(c) The arrival of DL.
(d) The shooting of Weed by Rex.

4. What does she ask her mother to do?
(a) Take her and Prairie in.
(b) Raise Prairie as her own.
(c) Keep Prairie away from her.
(d) Talk to Zoyd for her.

5. What does Atman do for a living?
(a) History teacher.
(b) Mathematics teacher.
(c) French teacher.
(d) Science teacher.

6. What is Brock looking forward to on his visit to PREP?
(a) Wielding power.
(b) Seeing Frenesi.
(c) Altering politics.
(d) Being the boss.

7. What is painless but causes a victim to die a year later?
(a) A seafood from Japan.
(b) A poison from Japan.
(c) A method called the Ninja Vibrating Palm.
(d) An injection of particular virus.

8. Who runs into Dr. Larry Elasmo at the hotel?
(a) Frenesi.
(b) Brock Vond.
(c) Zoyd.
(d) Weed Atman.

9. Who is the accidental leader of PR3?
(a) Jimmy Aceman.
(b) Weed Atman.
(c) Wayne Aldman.
(d) Jerry Allman.

10. What is the Sister's position in the compound?
(a) First class advisor.
(b) Leader of the group.
(c) Head teacher.
(d) Intake Sister.

11. Where do Takeshi and DL reopen their clinic?
(a) Japan.
(b) Los Angeles.
(c) Ohio.
(d) Las Vegas.

12. What is a Thanatoid?
(a) A vitamin.
(b) Similar to a ghost of zombie.
(c) An antacid.
(d) A hormone.

13. What happens when the depression lifts?
(a) Frenesi wants to find DL.
(b) Frenesi decides she wants Zoyd and the baby.
(c) Frenesi yearns for 24fps.
(d) Frenesi wants to start over.

14. Where is Frenesi living during this time?
(a) Living on the streets.
(b) Living in a forest cabin.
(c) In a shack on the beach with Zoyd.
(d) Living with her mother.

15. How does Sasha show up before Zoyd calls her?
(a) She was coming to visit Prairie.
(b) She sensed he was in trouble.
(c) Frenesi called her.
(d) Hector had already called.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does DL introduce Prairie to?

2. What lie does Frenesi tell Rex?

3. What mistake does DL make in Japan?

4. What happens to DL when she is working in Ohio?

5. Where was DL's father stationed for a time?

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