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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is in charge of the film archives from 24fps?
(a) DL Ortho.
(b) Brock.
(c) Takeshi.
(d) Ditzah Fisk.

2. What frustrates DL about their behavior?
(a) They are all talk and no action.
(b) They are careless and reckless.
(c) They are inert.
(d) They are lazy.

3. What happens to Frenesi after Prairie is born?
(a) She joins a band.
(b) She moves out on Zoyd.
(c) She falls into a deep depresssion.
(d) She finds Vond.

4. What does Hector want Zoyd to do in return?
(a) Inform on his friends.
(b) Sign a confession.
(c) Take him to his stash.
(d) Introduce him to his dealer.

5. Who explains the terms of his deal to Zoyd?
(a) The judge.
(b) Hector.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) Vond.

6. What happens when the depression lifts?
(a) Frenesi wants to start over.
(b) Frenesi wants to find DL.
(c) Frenesi yearns for 24fps.
(d) Frenesi decides she wants Zoyd and the baby.

7. Where is Zoyd taken by Hector?
(a) To prison.
(b) To a holding cell.
(c) To PREP.
(d) To a detention center.

8. What is Brock looking forward to on his visit to PREP?
(a) Being the boss.
(b) Wielding power.
(c) Seeing Frenesi.
(d) Altering politics.

9. Where do Takeshi and DL reopen their clinic?
(a) Japan.
(b) Los Angeles.
(c) Las Vegas.
(d) Ohio.

10. What does Frenesi give Rex?
(a) A knife.
(b) A tazer.
(c) A bottle of poison.
(d) A gun supplied by Vond.

11. Who does Frenesi visit frequently while pregnant with Prairie?
(a) Her best friend, DL.
(b) Her mother, Sasha.
(c) Her doctor.
(d) Her counselor.

12. What is PREP?
(a) Political Re-Education Program.
(b) People for Republican Education Program.
(c) People's Revue of Environmentals Program.
(d) Public Reality Endurance Program.

13. How will they keep tabs on Zoyd?
(a) By bugging his home.
(b) By giving him a regular monthly meeting time.
(c) By insisting on councelling.
(d) By putting him on a mental disability.

14. What does Vond offer Zoyd in return for his freedom?
(a) To leave the country.
(b) To take Prairie and never return or see Frenesi again.
(c) To tell Frenesi it is over.
(d) To put Prairie in foster care.

15. Who is the wealthy buyer who picks up DL at auction?
(a) Brock Vond.
(b) Ralph Wayvone.
(c) Ortho Bob.
(d) Takeshi Fumimota.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Wayvone's plan for DL?

2. Why does the Sheriff have difficulty getting into Holytail?

3. What is her fate when she is taken to auction?

4. In those days, how does the film group see the efficacy of their camera as a weapon?

5. What radical film group is Frenesi part of when DL meets her?

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