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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Zoyd told by the card's owner?
(a) That he will remember if Zoyd is ever in trouble and will help.
(b) That it will get him into any night club without cover.
(c) That it is his all access pass to Hawaii.
(d) That it will open doors for him in many places.

2. Who is Frenesi married to ?
(a) Vond.
(b) Brash.
(c) Trash.
(d) Flash.

3. What does Hector want Zoyd to do?
(a) Go into hiding with Prairie.
(b) Call him if Frenesi makes contact with him.
(c) Loan him bridge financing.
(d) Take Frenesi in for a while.

4. How does Zoyd work his way to the island to confront Frenesi?
(a) As a server on a cruise line.
(b) As an entertainer on a cruise line.
(c) As a flight attendant.
(d) As a musician on an independent airline.

5. What worries Zoyd more than his daughter's choice of boyfriends?
(a) Hector Zuniga in his life again.
(b) His ex-wife and alimony.
(c) His association with Prairie's boyfriend.
(d) His qualification for mental health benefits.

6. What cartoon characters are Hector and Zoyd compared to?
(a) Bugs and Daffy.
(b) Elmer and Bugs Bunny.
(c) Sylvester and Tweety.
(d) Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

7. What unusual event occurs on a flight Zoyd is on?
(a) He gets a job offer to work in Hawaii.
(b) Another plane joins them in midair to allow soldiers to board.
(c) A riot occurs on the plane to Jamaica.
(d) A group of doctors deal with a medical emergency.

8. What kind of car does DL drive?
(a) A Porsche.
(b) A Trans-Am.
(c) A Honda Civic.
(d) A Corvette.

9. What kind of service do Vato and Blood run?
(a) A towing service.
(b) Marijuana sales.
(c) A car rental.
(d) Liquor sales.

10. What does Prairie want to do most of all?
(a) Leave town.
(b) Find Frenesi.
(c) Get some food.
(d) Go home.

11. Roughly how many witnesses have been cut off the program?
(a) Hundreds.
(b) Thousands.
(c) Fifty.
(d) None.

12. What does DL stand for?
(a) Darryl Louise.
(b) Doris Lisle.
(c) Doreen Leanne.
(d) Darren Leslie.

13. What happens to Zoyd's car?
(a) It is abandoned out of gas.
(b) It is reposessed.
(c) It is wrecked in an accident.
(d) It is impounded by soldiers.

14. What is on the business card Zoyd is given?
(a) Tamimota Famishita, Adjustments.
(b) Fakeshita Tumimota, Adjustments.
(c) Takeshi Fumimota, Adjustments.
(d) Fakeresi Tumorota, Adjustments.

15. What does the Captain offer passengers as compensation for the inconvenience?
(a) Upgrades to first class.
(b) Discounts on their next flight.
(c) Free drinks.
(d) Discounts on their hotel room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to her file as a result?

2. What is the disguised name they go in with?

3. What does Zoyd collect from a family in the hills?

4. What does Isaiah want to do?

5. Where does Zoyd call Prairie and tell her to wait?

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