Objects & Places from Vineland

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This is a fictional Northern California coastal town based around fishing and logging.

College of the Surf / People's Republic of Rock and Roll

This is a small conservative college in Southern California.

Sisterhood of the Kunoichi Attentives

This is a commune of female ninjas isolated in the hills of California.


This is a large city in Japan where Takeshi Fumimota is an investigator.

Shade Creek

This is a village of Thanatoids.

The Cucumber Lounge

This is a roadhouse near Vineland where Zoyd Wheeler smashes through a window.

PREP camp

This is a prison camp run by Brock Vond.

Gordita Beach

This is a Southern California beach where Zoyd Wheeler lives as a surfer in the 1960s.

Ditzah Pisk's House

This is the location of the film archives of 24fps.


This is the radical documentary film group in the 1960s that DL Chastain and Frenesi belong...

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