Vineland Character Descriptions

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Zoyd Wheeler

An unemployed former hippie surfer from the 1960s, this character lives in a house of his own construction with his 14-year-old daughter.

Frenesi Gates

The daughter of two politically radical Californians, this person helps form an activist documentary film group called 24fps.

Prairie Wheeler

This person is raised by only a father and has no recollection of the mother, who left years ago.

Brock Vond

This is a federal prosecutor with a semi-secret program that aims to educate liberal activists to live in a conservative society.

DL Chastain

A martial arts expert and ninja, this character is recruited to kill Brock Vond.

Sasha Gates

This person does not think highly of Zoyd, but helps him raise his child and provides him with some protection.

Hector Zuniga

This is a federal drug enforcement agent who has become a kind of friend to Zoyd over the years.

Weed Atman

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