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Chapter 1

• Zoyd Wheeler rises late and eats breakfast - it is the summer of 1984.

• A note from his daughter Prairie informs him that the local television station called.

• Zoyd collects a monthly mental health benefit from the government.

• As a condition, he must perform a crazy and public act at least once a year.

• As a rule, that act is to crash through the window of a local business.

• Today is the day scheduled for his act of insanity.

• He calls the television station, intending to dictate a press release to them.
• Zoyd learns that the media has been redirected to the Cucumber Lounge.

• His usual display is held at the Log Jam bar and his display this year was different.

• This year, he intends to don a dress and using a small chain saw, cut up the bar.

• He buys a dress at the More is Less...

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