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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 29, Mrs. Bretton sends a note to Lucy. What does the note say?

2. When Lucy returns to her room from the fete-night, what does she find sitting on her bed?

3. Who seems to have her eye on M. Paul as a potential husband?

4. What part of her new school does Lucy decide to dedicate to M. Paul while he is away?

5. Paulina asks Lucy her opinion of Graham. What does Lucy say about Graham?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ginevra's uncle respond to her elopement?

2. Does Lucy believe that the older Paulina is a good person?

3. Why does M. Paul have a study at the boys' college?

4. When M. Paul comes to say farewell to Lucy, in what state does he find her?

5. Why is Lucy hesitant to let M. Paul in as a close friend?

6. How do others feel about M. Paul and Lucy's relationship in light of their differing religious views?

7. Why does M. Paul show Lucy's essay to his colleagues?

8. When Lucy sees M. Paul arrive at the fete night with Justine Marie, what does she think?

9. Lucy sees her friends the Brettons and de Bassompierre's at the fete-night and overhears their conversation. What is said and how does it make Lucy feel?

10. What explanation does Ginevra give Lucy about the nun?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The literary element of conflict is found throughout Lucy's story. Please define conflict as a literary function. Describe the following three types of conflict and give one example from the story for each of these types of conflict:

1) Man vs. man.

2) Man vs. self.

3) Man vs. society.

Essay Topic 2

As the main character, Lucy's personality traits are exposed and shared with the reader throughout the novel and can be seen through her actions, opinions, and words. Please provide a short list of these character traits, and then pick one quality of Lucy's that you dislike and one quality that you like or admire and explain why you feel the way you feel about these character traits of Lucy's. Please use examples from the book when explaining which character trait you like and which you dislike.

Essay Topic 3

Religion is a theme seen throughout the novel. Explain the role that religion play in the following settings/relationships:

a) Between Lucy and her students.

b) In Lucy's relationship with M. Paul.

c) In how others in France (e.g., Pire Silas, Madame Beck) view Lucy.

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