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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does M. Paul take Lucy so that she can practice for the play?

2. What does Dr. John see Ginevra doing at the concert?

3. In Chapter 15, Lucy walks into a church and speaks with the priest. What advice does he give her?

4. Who's decision gives Lucy the job at Madame Beck's?

5. After the play, who scolds Ginevra for being without her shawl?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Rosine.

2. In Chapter 16, how does Mrs. Bretton react to seeing her goddaughter again?

3. Why does Lucy deny that she has feelings for Dr. John?

4. Why do Ginevra's words that she believed Lucy "a little nobody" not matter to Lucy?

5. How is Lucy after Miss Marchmont's death?

6. What reason does Lucy give Paulina for why she is a teacher?

7. How do Dr. John and Mrs. Bretton become reunited with Mr. Home toward the middle of the book?

8. What advice does the priest give Lucy in Chapter 15?

9. How is Lucy's voyage to France?

10. How does Lucy feel about to returning to La Rue Fossette after her illness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paulina and Lucy are close friends by the end of the novel; however, their life experiences are drastically different. Compare Lucy and Paulina's character traits. Compare and contrast Lucy and Paulina's life circumstances? What about Lucy and Paulina's characters seem to draw them into friendship?

Essay Topic 2

The literary element of conflict is found throughout Lucy's story. Please define conflict as a literary function. Describe the following three types of conflict and give one example from the story for each of these types of conflict:

1) Man vs. man.

2) Man vs. self.

3) Man vs. society.

Essay Topic 3

Symbolism is a common occurrence in the story. Please explain the idea of symbolism and explain what a symbol is. Explain why a symbol may be seen negatively by one group or individual and positively by another group or individual. Choose one example from the story and explain how this example displays symbolism.

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