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Short Answer Questions

1. From the interaction between Graham and Paulina at the Terrace, what doe Lucy infer?

2. What is the school believed to have been before it was a school?

3. Why does Lucy spend so much time with Miss Marchmont in Chapter Four?

4. Where does M. Paul take Lucy so that she can practice for the play?

5. Lucy returns to the school after her time with the Brettons. Who does she see watching her through the window as she is crying?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Lucy feel about to returning to La Rue Fossette after her illness?

2. Why does Lucy get sent to the garret by M. Paul?

3. Why does Lucy deny that she has feelings for Dr. John?

4. What happens to Lucy as she is looking for the inn in Villette?

5. Why does Lucy decide to bury her letters from Dr. John?

6. What advice does the priest give Lucy in Chapter 15?

7. How does Lucy come to be at La Terrasse?

8. Describe Rosine.

9. Describe Paulina and Graham's relationship at the beginning of the book.

10. What does Dr. John do when he finds his letter to Lucy in the garret?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paulina and Lucy are close friends by the end of the novel; however, their life experiences are drastically different. Compare Lucy and Paulina's character traits. Compare and contrast Lucy and Paulina's life circumstances? What about Lucy and Paulina's characters seem to draw them into friendship?

Essay Topic 2

Give three examples of Lucy's attempts or actions taken toward her own independence. How does Lucy's quest for independence mirror or differ from your own? Please give at least two examples of the similarities or differences.

Essay Topic 3

Foreshadowing is an element of literature that can be seen in several relationships throughout the novel. Describe the idea of foreshadowing; provide three examples of foreshadowing that can be found in Villette and explain why these examples can be seen as foreshadowing.

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