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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Lucy see leaving Madame Walravens house when she is visiting on behalf of Madame Beck?
(a) A young child.
(b) Dr. Graham.
(c) A priest.
(d) M. Paul.

2. When Lucy sees M. Paul arrive at the fete-night with Justine Marie, his young ward, what does she think?
(a) M. Paul clearly does not like Justine Marie.
(b) Justine Marie is not very pretty.
(c) M. Paul does not look happy at all .
(d) M. Paul will marry Justine Marie when he returns.

3. What subject does M. Paul decide to teach Lucy himself?
(a) English.
(b) Arithmetic.
(c) History.
(d) German.

4. Who secretly leaves books and pamphlets in Lucy's desk for her to read?
(a) Zylie.
(b) M. Paul.
(c) Madame Beck.
(d) Georgette.

5. When Lucy finds out about M. Paul's generous care of Madame Walravens, what does she think?
(a) She thinks it is silly.
(b) She does not understand why he does it.
(c) She realizes that M. Paul can truly love.
(d) She thinks it is pitiful.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lucy speaks with M. de Bassompierre about Paulina and Dr. Bretton's feelings for one another, what does she say to try to encourage M. de Bassompierre?

2. After their big farm breakfast, Lucy and M. Paul sit together under a tree. What is Lucy doing?

3. Who is afraid to take messages to M. Paul because of his temper issues?

4. Later that night, after Lucy has delivered the note to M. Paul, he stops by to read to the students. What does he read to them?

5. While Lucy and M. Paul are speaking together in the country, what does M. Paul call Lucy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What shift do we see in M. Paul and Lucy's relationship while they are in the country for breakfast?

2. What explanation does Ginevra give Lucy about the nun?

3. How does M. Paul respond to Lucy breaking his glasses?

4. Madame Beck tells Lucy she cannot marry M. Paul. Why does Lucy think Madame Beck is saying this?

5. How does Ginevra's uncle respond to her elopement?

6. Why is Lucy hesitant to let M. Paul in as a close friend?

7. In Chapter 31, Lucy is trying to create a plan to gain more independence, what is her plan?

8. Does Lucy believe that the older Paulina is a good person?

9. Why does M. Paul show Lucy's essay to his colleagues?

10. What rumors has Lucy heard that may be the reason behind M. Paul's departure from Europe?

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