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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While M. Paul is gone he writes letters to Lucy, what does he say about her religion?
(a) That Lucy is silly for being Protestant.
(b) That she should remain Protestant.
(c) That he realizes Protestantism is the only way.
(d) The Lucy should become Catholic like him.

2. Paulina asks Lucy her opinion of Graham. What does Lucy say about Graham?
(a) He is too quiet.
(b) He does not like Paulina.
(c) He is a kind man.
(d) He is rude.

3. M. Paul soon realizes that Lucy knows his secret about Madame Walravens. What does he ask her to do?
(a) To leave him alone.
(b) To not tell anyone else.
(c) To trust him.
(d) To mind her own business.

4. What does M. Paul use his study at the boy's college for?
(a) As an extra study because there are not enough studies at Madame Beck's.
(b) As a place to get away from Madame Beck's.
(c) As a place to get away from Lucy.
(d) As a place to survey the girl's school from.

5. Who does Ginevra end up eloping with?
(a) Dr. Bretton.
(b) Isidore.
(c) Pire Silas.
(d) de Hamal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does M. Paul say when he joins Lucy in the alley and notices her pale coloring?

2. What month does Lucy tell the reader M. Paul's ship is due home?

3. In Chapter 33, M. Paul asks Lucy what she thinks of his story. What does Lucy say?

4. When Paulina tells her father about her love for Graham, how does he respond?

5. As M. Paul and Lucy walk together in the alley, what do they see coming out of a tree?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did M. Paul keep his promise to the students and teachers of La Rue Fossette?

2. How do others feel about M. Paul and Lucy's relationship in light of their differing religious views?

3. Why is Paulina afraid to tell her father that she is in love with Graham?

4. Lucy closes the book letting her readers know that M. Paul is expected in November and letting the reader know of the many storms that have claimed lives in the seas. What is one ending regarding Lucy and M. Paul the reader can infer?

5. How does M. Paul respond to Lucy breaking his glasses?

6. In Chapter 31, Lucy is trying to create a plan to gain more independence, what is her plan?

7. Why did M. Paul drive Madame Panache out of La Rue Fossette?

8. How does M. Paul respond to Lucy's jealousy about Justine Marie?

9. Does Lucy believe that the older Paulina is a good person?

10. Why does M. Paul show Lucy's essay to his colleagues?

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