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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While M. Paul is gone he writes letters to Lucy, what does he say about her religion?
(a) That he realizes Protestantism is the only way.
(b) The Lucy should become Catholic like him.
(c) That Lucy is silly for being Protestant.
(d) That she should remain Protestant.

2. Why is Paulina nervous to tell her father about her love for Dr. Bretton?
(a) Her father does not like Dr. Bretton.
(b) Her father does not want her to marry.
(c) She does not want to hurt him.
(d) She is afraid of her father.

3. When spring and warm weather come around, how is Lucy feeling?
(a) Excited .
(b) Angry.
(c) Energetic.
(d) Fatigued.

4. M. Paul notes that his plans to leave Europe have changed, why have they changed?
(a) He wants to leave sooner than expected.
(b) He wants to travel around Europe one last time.
(c) He is considering not going afterall.
(d) He has work to do before he goes.

5. As the years pass, what news does Lucy hear of Ginevra's marriage?
(a) That they lose their baby daughter.
(b) Rumors of debts and dishonor.
(c) That Ginevra's husband dies.
(d) Stories of great fortune and wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lucy decides she will take the note to M. Paul. When she enters his classroom, how does he initially respond?

2. What is Lucy wearing the day of the school's breakfast in the country that causes M. Paul to make fun of her?

3. What does M. Paul use his study at the boy's college for?

4. Ginevra tells Lucy who the nun really is. Who is the nun?

5. What subject does M. Paul decide to teach Lucy himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are three things that Lucy does in the three years M. Paul is gone?

2. Lucy closes the book letting her readers know that M. Paul is expected in November and letting the reader know of the many storms that have claimed lives in the seas. What is one ending regarding Lucy and M. Paul the reader can infer?

3. Why does M. Paul have a study at the boys' college?

4. Why is Lucy hesitant to let M. Paul in as a close friend?

5. How does Lucy feel about Pire Silas when she is first interacting with him?

6. Why doesn't Lucy want to take the public examination?

7. Describe Madame Walravens.

8. How does M. Paul respond to Lucy breaking his glasses?

9. How does M. Paul respond to Lucy's jealousy about Justine Marie?

10. Why is Paulina afraid to tell her father that she is in love with Graham?

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