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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the concert, who does Dr. John say he might give his lottery prize to?
(a) Ginevra.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Mrs. Bretton.

2. In Chapter Two, how does Paulina act when sitting with the "adults"?
(a) She is very talkative and childlike.
(b) She tries to act like an adult, too.
(c) She is bored and tries to leave.
(d) She wants to play with Lucy.

3. We are introduced to Graham early in the story, who is he?
(a) Mrs. Bretton's son.
(b) Paulina's father.
(c) Lucy's brother.
(d) A friend visiting Mrs. Bretton.

4. What does Lucy say in response to all of Dr. John's ravings about his object of affection?
(a) Love is blind.
(b) She says Dr. John is right.
(c) She and Dr. John are not friends.
(d) Dr. John is wrong.

5. In who's house does Lucy find herself after she swoons?
(a) Her own house.
(b) Madame Beck's.
(c) Mrs. Bretton's.
(d) Mrs. Leigh's.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lucy returns to school, she notices her letters are missing. Who does she think has been looking at these letters?

2. After the play, who scolds Ginevra for being without her shawl?

3. Where does M. Paul take Lucy so that she can practice for the play?

4. In Chapter 10, who does Lucy recognize Dr. John to be when he comes to see Fifine?

5. What does Mr. Home's letter to Mrs. Bretton say?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Lucy's voyage to France?

2. Why doesn't Lucy like the readings from the "Old Book"?

3. How is Lucy after Miss Marchmont's death?

4. Why does Lucy get sent to the garret by M. Paul?

5. Why do Ginevra's words that she believed Lucy "a little nobody" not matter to Lucy?

6. How does Paulina act when Mr. Home returns to the Bretton's in the beginning of the novel?

7. How does the note in the casket describe Lucy?

8. How does Lucy respond to Madame Beck's offer for her to teach?

9. How do Dr. John and Mrs. Bretton become reunited with Mr. Home toward the middle of the book?

10. Why does M. Paul disapprove of Lucy looking at the Cleopatra?

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