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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the concert, who does Dr. John say he might give his lottery prize to?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Ginevra.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Mrs. Bretton.

2. What does Mr. Home's letter to Mrs. Bretton say?
(a) He is returning to England very soon.
(b) He would like Graham to travel with him .
(c) He would like Paulina to join him in France.
(d) He just wanted to say hello to everyone.

3. Paulina tells Lucy that her cousin Ginevra has told her much about love. What is one thing that Ginevra has told Paulina?
(a) That love is nothing.
(b) That Lucy does not know anything about love.
(c) That Paulina will marry Dr. John.
(d) That Ginevra will marry Graham.

4. In Chapter 10, who does Lucy recognize Dr. John to be when he comes to see Fifine?
(a) The man who assisted her the first night in Villette.
(b) One of the passengers on the voyage to France.
(c) Mr. Home.
(d) Her friend from childhood.

5. In Chapter Four, Lucy leaves the Brettons. Why?
(a) To return to family.
(b) To go to school.
(c) To join Paulina.
(d) To travel .

Short Answer Questions

1. Miss Marchmont mentions "Frank", who is Frank?

2. How do the parents seem to initially react when they hear that a doctor they do not know was called to look after their children?

3. When Lucy sees that her letters have been rifled through once again, what does she do?

4. How does Lucy feel when Madame Beck asks her if she can teach a class?

5. What is the school believed to have been before it was a school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lucy closes the book letting her readers know that M. Paul is expected in November and letting the reader know of the many storms that have claimed lives in the seas. What is one ending regarding Lucy and M. Paul the reader can infer?

2. What shift do we see in M. Paul and Lucy's relationship while they are in the country for breakfast?

3. Does Lucy believe that the older Paulina is a good person?

4. How does the note in the casket describe Lucy?

5. Describe Paulina and Graham's relationship at the beginning of the book.

6. What reason does Lucy give Paulina for why she is a teacher?

7. How does Lucy view Paulina when she first comes to stay with the Brettons?

8. Why is Lucy taking German lessons?

9. How does Lucy feel about the pink dress?

10. How does Lucy feel about Paulina and Graham's relationship?

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