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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ginevra's husband leaves the army, where do they go?
(a) They remain in Villette.
(b) They go to another part of France.
(c) They move back to La Rue Fossette.
(d) They live abroad.

2. Who does Lucy find out is responsible for taking care of Madame Walravens financially?
(a) Mr. Homes.
(b) Dr. Bretton.
(c) M. Paul.
(d) de Hamal.

3. When Lucy sees M. Paul arrive at the fete-night with Justine Marie, his young ward, what does she think?
(a) M. Paul does not look happy at all .
(b) M. Paul will marry Justine Marie when he returns.
(c) Justine Marie is not very pretty.
(d) M. Paul clearly does not like Justine Marie.

4. What is the name of the ship that M. Paul will be taking when he leaves Europe?
(a) The Avaris.
(b) Paul et Virginie.
(c) The Santa Maria.
(d) The Antigua.

5. Why does Madame Beck ask Lucy to go to Madame Walravens?
(a) To deliver a note.
(b) To bring her some dinner.
(c) To invite her to a party.
(d) To drop off a basket.

6. What do Messieurs Boissec and Rochemorte ask Lucy to write an essay about?
(a) Protestantism.
(b) Human justice.
(c) Right and wrong.
(d) The social role of women.

7. Two associates from the college are at La Rue Fossette to test Lucy. Why?
(a) Because Lucy wanted to be tested.
(b) Because Lucy wants to be in college.
(c) Because of an essay M. Paul gave them.
(d) Because M. Paul wants Lucy to leave .

8. Lucy continues to observe Graham and Paulina together. What is Paulina's presence doing for Graham?
(a) Making him a better man.
(b) Making him too feminine.
(c) Making him rude to Lucy.
(d) Making him distant.

9. How does Madame Walravens respond to Madame Beck's gift?
(a) She tell Lucy to take it back.
(b) She loves it.
(c) She does not know who Madame Beck is.
(d) She throws it out the window.

10. While Lucy and M. Paul are speaking together in the country, what does M. Paul call Lucy?
(a) Sweetheart.
(b) Little woman.
(c) Little sister.
(d) Chipmunk.

11. What is M. Paul most worried about leaving Lucy at the Rue Fossette when he leaves?
(a) He is worried about her being able to get letters from him.
(b) He is worried about Madame Beck .
(c) He is worried that Lucy will forget him.
(d) He is worried that Lucy will get more ill.

12. What excuse does M. Paul give Lucy for not wanting to marry Zylie?
(a) He likes Ginevra.
(b) He is already married.
(c) He is not the marrying type.
(d) He does not like Zylie's character.

13. When M. Paul asks Lucy to write down his stories, what excuse does she offer for not being able to?
(a) She writes too slowly.
(b) She does not like writing .
(c) She does not know how to write.
(d) She cannot because she is writing her own stories.

14. What gift did Lucy take time making for M. Paul?
(a) A cake.
(b) A painting.
(c) A watchguard.
(d) A card.

15. Later that night, after Lucy has delivered the note to M. Paul, he stops by to read to the students. What does he read to them?
(a) A play by William Shakespeare.
(b) Sections from his German lesson book.
(c) A poem he wrote.
(d) A passage from the Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 41, M. Paul comes back to the Rue Fossette to say goodbye to Lucy. What is his reaction when he first sees her?

2. What is the name of M. Paul's dog?

3. In Chapter 41, what does Lucy confess to M. Paul that she is worried about?

4. M. Paul suggests that Lucy take the public examination with the first class students. How does Lucy respond?

5. While waiting in the parlor at Madam Walravens, Lucy begins to study a portrait. Who's portrait is it?

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