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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lucy must administer the exam that M. Paul cannot. How does she feel about this?
(a) She does not care.
(b) She does not want to administer it, but has to.
(c) She says no and does not do it.
(d) She is glad that she gets to administer the test.

2. How does Lucy feel her first night in London?
(a) Scared and overwhelmed.
(b) Curious and ready for adventure.
(c) Bored.
(d) Happy and calm.

3. What happens to Fifine to cause the doctor to have to be called?
(a) She falls and hurts her arm.
(b) She has a tooth ache.
(c) She is very ill .
(d) She is pretending to be sick.

4. In Chapter Two, how does Paulina act when sitting with the "adults"?
(a) She is bored and tries to leave.
(b) She wants to play with Lucy.
(c) She tries to act like an adult, too.
(d) She is very talkative and childlike.

5. When Graham is sitting with Lucy at the Prince's birthday dinner, who does he comment is a fine girl?
(a) Madame Beck.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Ginevra.
(d) Paulina.

6. In Chapter Four, Lucy leaves the Brettons. Why?
(a) To join Paulina.
(b) To travel .
(c) To go to school.
(d) To return to family.

7. What disaster happens during the play that leads to the patrons being evacuated from the hall?
(a) Someone gets sick.
(b) A fire breaks out.
(c) An earthquake .
(d) Lucy faints.

8. What does Lucy spend time doing when the students are gone for the summer?
(a) Visiting family .
(b) Wandering the countryside.
(c) Going back to England.
(d) Visiting her childhood friends, the Bretton's.

9. Who's decision gives Lucy the job at Madame Beck's?
(a) Madame Beck.
(b) Professor M. Paul.
(c) Ginevra.
(d) A friendly Englishman.

10. In who's house does Lucy find herself after she swoons?
(a) Madame Beck's.
(b) Mrs. Bretton's.
(c) Mrs. Leigh's.
(d) Her own house.

11. After the concert, who does Dr. John say he might give his lottery prize to?
(a) Mrs. Bretton.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Ginevra.

12. Why is Mr. Home's visiting Mrs. Bretton in the beginning of the novel?
(a) He is a neighbor of Mrs. Bretton's.
(b) He is just passing through the area.
(c) He wants to see that his daughter is settled in.
(d) He is going to be picking up Lucy .

13. What is the name of the ship that Lucy takes to France?
(a) The Star.
(b) The Gloria.
(c) The S.S. France.
(d) The Vivid.

14. Who does Graham inquire after to Lucy?
(a) Madame Beck.
(b) Rosine.
(c) Dysirye.
(d) Ginevra.

15. From the interaction between Graham and Paulina at the Terrace, what doe Lucy infer?
(a) That Graham likes Lucy more than Paulina.
(b) That Graham wishes he had a little sister.
(c) That Graham does not remember Paulina.
(d) That Graham recognizes Paulina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Madame Beck seem upset when Dr. John leaves?

2. In Chapter 12, a small object falls out of a window that Lucy is sitting under. What is that object?

3. When Mrs. Bretton mentions to M. de Bassompierre that Lucy is a teacher, how does Lucy feel?

4. How does Paulina respond when Mr. Home's leaves in Chapter Three?

5. What does Lucy find when she return to her room after leaving the Etude de soir?

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