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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A fortnight after Lucy's return to school, M. Paul delivers something to her. What is it?
(a) A book.
(b) A letter.
(c) A new hat.
(d) A bottle of medicine.

2. Why does Lucy regularly visit the hotel?
(a) To visit friends.
(b) To tutor other students.
(c) To take German lessons.
(d) To get away from the school.

3. What does M. de Bassompierre ask Lucy to do for Paulina?
(a) Teach her French.
(b) Help her get ready for dinner parties.
(c) Be her companion.
(d) Be her personal tutor.

4. What does Lucy win at the lottery?
(a) A dress.
(b) A lady's turban.
(c) A cigar case.
(d) A purse.

5. How does Lucy view Paulina now that she is older?
(a) Rude and stuck-up.
(b) Silly and annoying.
(c) Shy and mousy.
(d) Serene and lady-like.

6. From the interaction between Graham and Paulina at the Terrace, what doe Lucy infer?
(a) That Graham likes Lucy more than Paulina.
(b) That Graham does not remember Paulina.
(c) That Graham recognizes Paulina.
(d) That Graham wishes he had a little sister.

7. Why is Ginevra Fanshawe also going to France?
(a) To join her father in France.
(b) To go to school in Villette.
(c) Because she is looking for work too.
(d) Because she is friends with Lucy.

8. Dr. John speaks with Lucy about the notes that she found. Who does it seem the notes are for?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Madame Beck.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Ginevra.

9. Miss Marchmont mentions "Frank", who is Frank?
(a) Miss Marchmont's former fiance.
(b) Miss Marchmont's son.
(c) Lucy's brother.
(d) A servant in the house.

10. Who is Isidore?
(a) Lucy's friend .
(b) A student at the school.
(c) Ginevra's suitor.
(d) Another professor.

11. Who's decision gives Lucy the job at Madame Beck's?
(a) Madame Beck.
(b) A friendly Englishman.
(c) Professor M. Paul.
(d) Ginevra.

12. When Ginevra and Lucy are going to the speech, what comment does Ginevra make about her and Lucy both going to visit the de Bassompierre's?
(a) She really does not like the de Bassompierre's.
(b) She thinks Lucy is trying to steal Paulina's attention.
(c) She is glad because she really likes Lucy.
(d) She thinks it is funny; she thought Lucy was a nobody.

13. What does Dr. John think that the nun is?
(a) A student playing a prank.
(b) A ghost.
(c) A hallucination.
(d) A gypsy.

14. When Mrs. Bretton mentions to M. de Bassompierre that Lucy is a teacher, how does Lucy feel?
(a) She doesn't care what he thinks.
(b) Embarrassed.
(c) Happy that Mrs. Bretton brought it up.
(d) Proud.

15. After Mr. Home's leaves, who becomes Paulina's new object of affection?
(a) Mrs. Bretton.
(b) A house-maid.
(c) Graham.
(d) Lucy Snowe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dark and quiet place does Lucy like to spend time alone at?

2. In Chapter 16, when Dr. John comes to the house, who does Lucy finally recognize him to be?

3. Who interrupts Lucy as she gazes at the Cleopatra?

4. What does Lucy find is missing when she arrives in Villette?

5. Where does Dr. Graham frequently drop off Lucy while he is working?

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