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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, La Terrasse | Chapter 18, We Quarrel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 10, who does Lucy recognize Dr. John to be when he comes to see Fifine?
(a) One of the passengers on the voyage to France.
(b) Mr. Home.
(c) The man who assisted her the first night in Villette.
(d) Her friend from childhood.

2. What happens to Fifine to cause the doctor to have to be called?
(a) She has a tooth ache.
(b) She is very ill .
(c) She falls and hurts her arm.
(d) She is pretending to be sick.

3. Why does Lucy spend so much time with Miss Marchmont in Chapter Four?
(a) She is Lucy's best childhood friend.
(b) Lucy is hired to care for her.
(c) She is Lucy's sister.
(d) Lucy is her tutor.

4. Dysirye, Madame Beck's eldest daughter, is...
(a) Very helpful with her other sisters.
(b) Shy.
(c) Lucy's favorite.
(d) A troublemaker.

5. Who is Isidore?
(a) A student at the school.
(b) Lucy's friend .
(c) Ginevra's suitor.
(d) Another professor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lucy look for work in Villette?

2. In Chapter 13, Lucy is in the Etude de soir for the evening to study but soon leaves, why does she leave?

3. What does Lucy say in response to all of Dr. John's ravings about his object of affection?

4. In Chapter 14, what big summer celebration is going to take place?

5. What does Lucy find is missing when she arrives in Villette?

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