Objects & Places from Villette

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Rue Fossette

This is the school outside of Villette that was at one time a convent, but now acts as a school for girls.


The town where Lucy visits her godmother when she is a child.

La Terrasse

The place where Lucy stays for several weeks as she recovers from her illness.

Hotel Crecy

The elegant and regal place where M. de Bassompierre and Paulina live while they are in Villette.

The Park

The part of the school where students can exercise and enjoy class outside when the weather is nice.

The Forbidden Alley

This dark and eerie place is enjoyed by Lucy because it allows her to enjoy quiet and solitude when she is there.

The Garrets

This cold and dark place is used by several characters as a place to rehearse for a play, sneak into the school, etc.

The Theater

Dr. John invites Lucy...

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