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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Bretton | Chapter 2, Paulina)


We are introduced to Lucy and Paulina early in the book--two young girls coming from different living situations and who both have different ties to Mrs. Bretton. The objective of this lesson is to discuss family structures and how there are different definitions of what constitutes a family.


1) Have a review of the first two chapters, focusing on Lucy and Paulina and their different and individual ties to the Brettons. Please make sure to note the different relation that both Lucy and Paulina have to Mrs. Bretton; Lucy is Mrs. Bretton's goddaughter while Paulina is the daughter of a distant relative.

2) Have the class break into small discussion groups. What do the students think constitutes a family? How have family structures changed from Lucy's day to today?

3) Have the small groups research what kind of structure families tended to have back in the time Villette...

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