Villette Character Descriptions

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Lucy Snowe

This character has no family or connections and is the narrator of the novel.

Mrs. Louisa Bretton

This character is the godparent of the main character. This character is kind, intelligent, spirited, and is regarded as a pleasant, happy person.

Dr. John Graham Bretton

This character is a young and handsome, and all the women at the Rue Fossette admire him.

Paulina Mary Home de Bassompierre

This character is a beautiful, good young woman who moves to France when she is a child to live with her father.

Mr. Home de Bassompierre

This character is a count in France and has an intense interest in science.

Ginevra Fanshawe

This character is beautiful but foolish and ends up in a scandalous elopement.

Madame Beck

This character is the head teacher of the school at Rue Fossette. The character has a hard heart and feels nothing towards other...

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