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Chapter 1, Bretton | Chapter 2, Paulina

• Lucy Snowe is visiting her godmother.

• A little girl, Paulina Mary, comes to stay with the Brettons because her father is leaving the country.

• Paulina misses her father terribly until one day when he comes back.

• Paulina's demeanor changes when her father arrives and she is happy again.

Chapter 3, The Playmates | Chapter 4, Miss Marchmont

• Mr. Home leaves again and Paulina is distraught.

• Paulina turns her affections toward Graham.

• Graham dismisses Paulina when his friends are there and Lucy tries to comfort her.

• Years pass and Lucy's family dies, leaving her alone.

• Lucy goes to work as a caregiver for Miss Marchmont.

• Miss Marchmont dies, leaving Lucy alone again.

Chapter 5, Turning a New Leaf | Chapter 6, London

• Lucy is in need of a job and decides to go to London.

• Lucy is slightly overcome by the sights and sounds of the city.

• Lucy decides to go...

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