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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sign does Nadia give Mrs. Olinski after Ham and Jared return to their seats in chapter 6?
(a) She raises her right hand.
(b) She sticks out her right leg.
(c) She sticks out her left leg.
(d) She raises her left hand.

2. What source(s) does the advisory panel consult when checking Julian's answer?
(a) Large books.
(b) A computer and large books.
(c) An expert and a computer.
(d) A computer.

3. What does Mr. Singh say is now missing?
(a) The bond that ties the friends together.
(b) A reason to see each other.
(c) All the time for training.
(d) Future victories.

4. What does Julian say "tip" was an acronym for?
(a) Timely Important Polite.
(b) Truly Important Present.
(c) To Imitate Politeness.
(d) To Insure Promptness.

5. Why do The Souls refuse to practice on Saturday?
(a) They will be busy having tea.
(b) They don't want to spend their weekend practicing.
(c) They will be busy working on a project.
(d) One of The Souls is Jewish and another is half-Jewish.

6. Mrs. Olinski's reason for going to Sillington House in chapter 8 is half of an invitation from The Souls and half what?
(a) Half a promise to Mrs. Laurencin.
(b) Half a promise to herself.
(c) Half an invitation from Mr. Singh.
(d) Half worry that the team wouldn't be ready for the championship.

7. What does Julian say the people in the pubs do with the boxes on the bars?
(a) They take coins out of them.
(b) They put notes in them.
(c) They drop coins in them.
(d) They pick notes out of them.

8. What does Mrs. Olinski say she found at Sillington House?
(a) A cup of kindness.
(b) A place to relax.
(c) The warmth of friendship.
(d) A sense of home.

9. What arrangement does Mrs. Olinski make with the principal in regards to practicing for the regional championship?
(a) She arranges to have the school opened early in the morning.
(b) She arranges to have the school opened on Saturday.
(c) She arranges to have the school left open at night.
(d) She arranges to have the school opened on Sunday.

10. How do the other teachers choose their Academic Bowl teams?
(a) By picking the students with the highest GPAs.
(b) By picking the students they like best.
(c) By holding mini-contests in their classes and choosing the winners of those.
(d) By picking the top students from the honor roll.

11. What word could be used to describe the food Mrs. Olinski eats while at Sillington House?
(a) "Fattening."
(b) "Delicate."
(c) "Indian."
(d) "Unusual."

12. Who is Mr. LeDue?
(a) The Knightsbridge Academic Bowl coach.
(b) The Knightsbridge principal.
(c) The deputy superintendent.
(d) The district superintendent.

13. What does Mrs. Olinski say Julian makes each mile a journey of?
(a) Mile markers.
(b) Inches.
(c) Quarter inches.
(d) Flowers.

14. What does Mrs. Olinski ask The Souls in chapter 12?
(a) "What brought you all together?"
(b) "How did you know about Alice?"
(c) "Did I choose you, or did you choose me?"
(d) "Did I choose you, or did you choose each other?"

15. Who ended up being the "real news" from Holly Blackwell's visit?
(a) Mr. LeDue.
(b) Mrs. Olinski.
(c) Dr. Fairbain.
(d) Dr. Rohmer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first acronym that Maxwell suggests in chapter 9?

2. Which of the following characters do not attend when Holly Blackwell comes to visit?

3. What do Michael Froehlich and his friends pin on their shirts when Epiphany wins the district championship?

4. Whose name did Mr. Fairbain mispronounce during the previous year's championship?

5. Where does the author mentioned in the follow-up question teach?

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