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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What signal do the other sixth graders use to show The Souls their support?
(a) Left-eyed wink.
(b) Thumbs up.
(c) Big smile.
(d) High five.

2. When did Mr. Singh pass his first driving test?
(a) As a grown man.
(b) As an older man.
(c) As a child.
(d) As a teenager.

3. Where is the state championship going to be held?
(a) Ithaca.
(b) Rochester.
(c) Albany.
(d) Seneca Falls.

4. Why does Mrs. Sharkey say she thinks there's a chance The Souls could beat the seventh grade?
(a) Mrs. Olinski has trained The Souls so well.
(b) The seventh grade doesn't like to work hard.
(c) The seventh grade is mediocre at best.
(d) The Souls are truly brilliant.

5. Who is Holly Blackwell?
(a) A magazine editor.
(b) A newspaper reporter.
(c) A radio hostess.
(d) A TV anchorwoman.

6. What does Mr. Singh tell Mrs. Olinski it takes more courage to do?
(a) Be a pacifist.
(b) Be a leader.
(c) Be a passenger.
(d) Be a driver.

7. Whose name did Mr. Fairbain mispronounce during the previous year's championship?
(a) Pope John Paul II's.
(b) Queen Elizabeth's.
(c) Michael Jackson's.
(d) Nelson Mandela's.

8. What does the commissioner do after Maxwell's response to the match-point question before moving on?
(a) He makes a note on the question card.
(b) He adjusts his glasses.
(c) He thanks the panel of experts.
(d) He clears his throat.

9. What is the second acronym that Maxwell suggests in chapter 9?
(a) WASP.
(b) MADD.
(c) SONAR.
(d) RADAR.

10. How many regions are there in the state of New York?
(a) Three.
(b) Eight.
(c) Seven.
(d) Sixteen.

11. What does Mrs. Olinski think Mr. Singh's voice sounds like?
(a) A dream.
(b) A trumpet.
(c) A birdcall.
(d) A song.

12. What does Mr. Singh do after Mrs. Olinski has entered the dining room?
(a) He opens the window.
(b) He sets her place.
(c) He serves a meal.
(d) He pours tea.

13. Why doesn't the commissioner disqualify The Souls in chapter 7?
(a) He wants to give them one more chance.
(b) He thinks Julian is smarter than anyone else his age.
(c) He is speechless.
(d) He thinks The Souls deserve to win.

14. Who said she knew all along that The Souls would beat the eighth grade?
(a) Ms. Masolino.
(b) Mrs. Olinski.
(c) Mrs. Sharkey.
(d) Mrs. Laurencin.

15. What source(s) does the advisory panel consult when checking Julian's answer?
(a) Large books.
(b) An expert and a computer.
(c) A computer and large books.
(d) A computer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Michael Froehlich and his friends pin on their shirts when Epiphany wins the district championship?

2. What two countries does Julian explain are connected with the origin of the word "posh"?

3. How does Mrs. Olinski drink her tea?

4. At the beginning of chapter 7, which team does the narrator claim would worry about Julian's defiance of the commissioner?

5. What word does Mrs. Olinski compare Mrs. Diamondstein's jogging suit to?

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