The View from Saturday Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Mrs. Olinski say about how she chose the members of her Academic Bowl team?

Mrs. Olinski doesn't actually know how or why she chose the specific members of her team. In the first chapter, the narrator hints that there is a reason, and that the reader, and Mrs. Olinski, will find out what the reason is. Mrs. Olinski herself most often answers this question by saying that the four members of the team compliment each other, or that she knew that they would practice.

2. What chicken-and-egg discussion do The Souls get into with Mrs. Olinski in the first chapter?

The Souls tell Mrs. Olinski that they were The Souls long before they became a team. Mrs. Olinski says they were a team as soon as they became The Souls. Now no one knows which came first, the team or The Souls. It's the same as discussing which came first, the chicken or the egg, and the team and Mrs. Olinski agree that the discussion about the team and The Souls is the same as discussing chicken-or-egg.

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