The View from Saturday Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Olinski

This character is a sixth-grade teacher at Epiphany Middle School and the coach for Epiphany's Academic Bowl team.

Noah Gershom

This character can be argumentative and nit-picky because facts are important to him, and he enjoys a good argument. He likes calligraphy.

Nadia Diamondstein

This character knows a lot about sea turtles.

Ethan Potter

This character's family has lived in Epiphany for longer than Epiphany has been a town. Somewhat quiet and shy, this character feels like a shadow to an older brother.

Julian Singh

This character is very smart, sophisticated, and is also a gifted magician.

Margaret Draper (Margaret Diamondstein)

This character is a retired teacher and principal, is interested in sea turtles, and gets married near the beginning of the book.

Izzy Diamondstein

This character gets married towards the beginning of the book, is interested in sea turtles and comes to Epiphany to visit...

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