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Chapter 1

• Mrs. Olinski always gives good answers, and she has a few good answers as to how she picked her Academic Bowl team members.

• Although she has a few good answers, Mrs. Olinski doesn't really know yet why she picked the members she picked. The narrator hints that Mrs. Olinski will know why once Bowl Day is over.

• The team calls themselves The Souls and says they were The Souls long before they became a team.

• Mrs. Olinski says the team became a team as soon as they became The Souls. Mrs. Olinski and the team agree that this is a chicken-or-egg discussion.
• The team is remarkable because they have made it to the finals even though they are sixth graders competing against seventh and eighth graders, and even though Epiphany has never won even a local championship.

• The opposing team, the team from Maxwell, is a team...

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