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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mathilde think was the woman who visited the Eskimo's lover?
(a) Elodi Gordes.
(b) Pierre Marie.
(c) Tima Lambardi.
(d) Veronique Passavant.

2. Why did Cornflower try to eat tainted meat?
(a) To kill himself.
(b) To avoid being killed by an enemy soldier.
(c) To make himself appear jaundiced.
(d) As penance for suriving when his friend did not.

3. How did Benjamin and Elodie meet?
(a) He hired her to take care of his children when his wife died.
(b) He had an affair with her.
(c) They knew each other since they were children.
(d) His family took her in when her parents were killed.

4. What did Esperanza allow the condemned men do as they ate?
(a) Escape from the trench and other soldiers.
(b) Write a final letter to whomever they wished.
(c) Write out their last will and testimate.
(d) Use the telephone to call whomever they wished.

5. What did Little Louis learn about Biscuit?
(a) He had fled to America.
(b) He married Vera.
(c) He also died in the war.
(d) He lived in Paris.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was this novel written?

2. What was Little Louis glad to read about in Eskimo's letter?

3. What is Bastoche's nickname?

4. Why wouldn't Manech's captain let him go home?

5. Why does the smile make the other men uncomfortable?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confuses the priest about Mathilde's question?

2. What happened to make Manech become afraid of everything?

3. When did Mariette receive the notice about her husband's death and what did she do as a result of the notice?

4. What did Gerstacker learn as he was led across no-man's-land?

5. What does the typed list show?

6. Why was Bastoche in the trench and what really happened?

7. Who does Angel write his letter to and what does he say in the letter?

8. When Esperanza chose his ten men, how long had they been traveling?

9. How did Madam Conte describe Valentina and what insight did she provide about Valentina's childhood?

10. What does Mathilde's father agree to do for her, Sylvain and Benedicte?

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