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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Manech's first words to Mathilde?
(a) Why aren't you outside?
(b) Come play with me?
(c) Where are you going?
(d) You can't walk?

2. Why does Mathilde head to Somme?
(a) To see where Manech is buried.
(b) To try and find a clue as to where Manech is living.
(c) To meet with Tina.
(d) To talk with the private investigator.

3. How long did Manech receive training before he was sent to the front as a foot soldier?
(a) A month.
(b) About a year.
(c) Less than a week.
(d) Three weeks.

4. Where does Mathilde believe Mariette went to meet Benoit?
(a) Bernay.
(b) Paris.
(c) Gare de l'Est.
(d) Bingo.

5. Which of the following literary terms best describes how this novel ends?
(a) Flashback.
(b) Alliteration.
(c) Metaphor.
(d) Simile.

6. When did Tina write the letter to Mathilde?
(a) The first time Madam Conte told her she was trying to contact her.
(b) As she was waiting to be led to the guillotine.
(c) When she was visiting her lover's grave.
(d) After Madam Conte's death.

7. What does Pire think happened to Valentina?
(a) She has left the country.
(b) She has died.
(c) She has grown cruel.
(d) She is purposely hiding from him.

8. Who called Sylvain?
(a) Pierre-Marie.
(b) Spires.
(c) Manech.
(d) Poux.

9. Who was Heinz Gerstacker?
(a) A German man who sold his boots.
(b) A German man who killed Manech.
(c) A German soldier who was taken prisoner.
(d) A German soldier who witnessed Manech's death.

10. Why didn't Poux see Manech die?
(a) He couldn't look at such devastation.
(b) He couldn't see outside of the trench.
(c) He was often fetching things for other soldiers.
(d) He didn't know which one was Manech.

11. Why did Juliette send Mathilde a letter?
(a) To reveal the truth about Manech.
(b) To throw her off of their track.
(c) To provide a false story to cover her ruse.
(d) To dissuade her from searching for Manech.

12. What name is Manech now known as?
(a) Jean Desrochelles.
(b) Biscuit.
(c) Benoit.
(d) Benjamin Gordes.

13. What did the Eskimo do in regards to the biplane?
(a) Threw a grenade at it.
(b) Threw a flare at it, setting it on fire.
(c) Fired a machine gun at it.
(d) Pointed at it and laughed.

14. How does Sylvain know to look in the newspaper for information?
(a) He was looking at the paper anyway.
(b) He received a letter.
(c) He heard the commotion behind him.
(d) He receives a call.

15. How does Poux arrive to see Mathilde?
(a) On his motorcycle.
(b) In a taxi.
(c) On horseback.
(d) Walking.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many Newfoundland soldiers arrived at Bingo?

2. Why did the enemy start fighting more after the biplane crashed?

3. When did Gunther Weiss die?

4. What did Benoit hear someone yell as the shelling continued?

5. Where did the medical orderly tell Tina he saw one of the condemned men alive?

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