A Very Long Engagement Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why was Bastoche in the trench and what really happened?

Bastoche was now in the trench because he had been convicted of self mutilation, though he truly is not guilty. Bastoche was trying to pluck a grey hair from his head when his gun accidentally went off and he was shot in the hand.

2. What was Six-Soux's goal and what decision did he make as a result of not achieving his goal?

Six Soux's goal was to avoid having to serve in the war, but since he didn't achieve his goal, he shot himself in the hand on purpose to try and get out of serving.

3. Where was Angel before the war and how did he end up in the war?

Before the war, Angel was in prison and when the war broke out he was told that he could join the war and fight or serve his entire sentences. He decided to serve.

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