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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday Morning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why wouldn't Manech's captain let him go home?
(a) He didn't trust him.
(b) He needed more soldiers.
(c) He wanted him punished.
(d) He didn't like him.

2. How does Mathilde gain information about Mariette's whereabouts?
(a) She goes back to visit Esperanza.
(b) She writes to the priest who married them.
(c) She goes to visit her in Paris.
(d) She talks to her young son, Baptistin.

3. How did Elodie describe Benjamin's mood when he came home from the war on leave?
(a) Depressed.
(b) Over joyed.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Anxious.

4. In what year was this novel made into a French film?
(a) 2001.
(b) 2005.
(c) 2003.
(d) 2008.

5. Why can't Mathilde contact Favart?
(a) He died.
(b) He was in an asylum.
(c) Tina didn't know where he was.
(d) He left for America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the farmer who now owns the land say a young girl dug up?

2. How old was Mathilde when she first met Manech?

3. Why didn't Poux see Manech die?

4. What does Mathilde do when she sees Manech for the first time?

5. Who does Mathilde go to visit in October of 1919?

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